KISS performs an exclusive sold-out show at Choctaw

By Dan Pennington / Durant Democrat

Three-thousand fans from all over the United States converged on Choctaw Casino Resort Friday night for rock and theatrics.

These fans expected some of rock’s wildest moments and KISS delivered it at the Grand Theater.

Explosions, fire-breathing characters, pyrotechnics and over the top showmanship, along with KISS’ signature rock music had every fan screaming.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley formed KISS 43 years ago and they show no sign of slowing down.

Each member commanded the stage in black, white and silver makeup in disguise.

Simmons is the Demon character, while Stanley is the Starchild.

Drummer Eric Singer is the Catman, and Tommy Thayer is Space Man.

The foursome pounded out hard rock continuously for two hours as the fans were on their feet for the entire show.

The band has so many recognizable tunes that everyone heard a favorite.

The huge continuous explosion of confetti, streamers, and smoke made it hard to see the performers at times.

The night ended with KISS sounding their monster hit, “I was made for loving you” and the rock anthem “Rock and roll all night.”

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