KISS Donates Guitars To Brennan Rock N Roll Academy

Don Jorgensen / http://www.keloland.com reports:

Get ready to Rock n Roll all night! The legendary band KISS will be performing at Badlands Pawn Thursday night, unmasked and unplugged.

KISS is already in town and KELOLAND News caught up with them this afternoon to talk about a softer side to these hard rockers. 

We all see the band members of KISS on stage.  But what most of don't see is the generosity hidden behind the makeup and costumes.

The band members, who've been to Sioux Falls many times, talk highly about the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy where they interact with some of the kids from the Boys and Girls Club, who come here after school to learn to play music from volunteers.

"To start a music academy that keeps kids off the streets and takes kids from school directly here, there's no gray area of getting into trouble," Paul Stanley said.

All four KISS members credit Chuck Brennan, who grew up in Sioux Falls and went on to be a successful businessman, for starting the music academy.

"If nothing more to be off those streets, it's a terrific place, we're big fans, that why we come here," Gene Simmons said.

While here, KISS took time to autograph several guitars they've donated to the Rock N Roll Academy and meet with a few of the kids with the Boys and Girls Club who may one day aspire to be a musician.

"With so many school music programs being cut these days, I think a lot of kids aren't getting the opportunity to learn music and express themselves in that way, that's why this is important," Tommy Thayer said.

"As we get older, I think we need to realize there's no greater obligation than to the next generation and that we lead by example," Stanley said. 

KISS performs Thursday night at Badlands Pawn. Tickets are still available. 

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