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An actor by trade, Neal Bledsoe is stepping into the action role of a lifetime as he attempts to make it in the Arena Football League. For this pretty boy, there are no stunt doubles

Editor’s note: You may recognize Neal Bledsoe for his roles on The Mysteries of Laura or The Man in the High Castle, or for his stint as an Old Spice Man. Beyond acting, he’s been a contributor to The MMQB since writing an essay about his beloved Seahawks before Super Bowl XLVIII. In the months to come, he’ll chronicle life in the Arena Football League and his quest to make the roster of the LA KISS. There’s no other way to say it—break a leg, man.

The Eyeball Test

Santa Ana College
December 5, 2015

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA — That first tryout I was only there to observe. I had to remind myself that the hits would be real very soon, but on that day all I was there to do was watch. Still, the actor in me wanted to be authentic, so I carried myself with what I perceived to be an authoritative air: a veteran who’d seen this all before, maybe even a little bored by it all. But under a composed mask my mind raced and my guts churned with fear and excitement. I had barely settled on what position I’d hoped to play: receiver. It was from that spot I felt I could get the best sense of this mercurial cousin of the NFL.

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