First Ever Fan Owned KISS Venue!!

KISS by Monster Mini Golf at The Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas - Grand Opening Late Spring 2016

We would like to invite you to take part in very exciting venture.

As you may already know, our "Kiss by Monster Mini Golf™" Las Vegas venue was recruited by Caesar's Entertainment Las Vegas, with an incredible proposition to relocate our existing venue to their Rio Hotel & Casino property, taking KISS by Monster Mini Golf™ to an entirely new level.

While building our new venue the intention is to not simply move the existing facility, but to keep what we have learned in our first 4yrs of business that has proven to be successful and to change anything that has not. 

In short, we’re stepping up our game with a grand re-opening planned for late Spring 2016.

If we have learned nothing else over the last four years, it is that there is no fan more loyal, proud and dedicated than a KISS Fan.

We are now officially selling shares of the new KISS/Vegas Mini Golf Co-Branded concept, as an investment opportunity.

Your investment will make you a legal owner of a percentage of this business, and will yield annual dividends based on net profit for as long as you own your shares. The minimum investment is $3750.

The venue move and fan stock options have been approved by both Paul and Gene, with the stipulation that we (Christina & Patrick Vitagliano) remain at the helm with majority shares and controlling interest. 

Additionally, we have formed a 12-Member Board-Of-Directors consisting of KISS fans and professionals alike, who will be helping to steer the ship. We are very excited about this!

If you think you might want to own a piece of KISStory, please feel free to reach out to us via direct email below.

We are happy to answer any questions or speak directly via a one-on-one telephone conversation scheduled via email as well.


Christina & Patrick Vitagliano
Founders, KISS by Monster Mini Golf
Monster Mini Golf
Direct Contact email: Kiss@MonsterMiniGolf.com


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