How To Be A Rock Star Dad, By Legendary KISS Guitarist Paul Stanley

By Stephanie Soh / AskMen UK.

This article was originally published by AskMen UK. 

Dolled up to the nines with a black star painted over one eye, wielding an electric guitar, and towering in platform boots against a backdrop of some rather dramatic looking hellfire. This isn’t a look you’d usually associate with fatherhood, but Kiss guitarist and dad of four, Paul Stanley, is in the habit of doing both. “My kids think ‘Dad’s famous, dad’s cool, dad’s in Kiss’. But at the end of the day, there facets to everybody, nobody is one dimensional. It’s just another side of dad.”

And for tonight only, cinemas across the world will be screening a performance from Kiss’ legendary Las Vegas residency at the Hard Rock Hotel, featuring all the flash and finery that Stanley and his bandmates are famous for. What do Stanley’s kids think when they see him in hyper-bombastic shows like this? “My kids think their dad is as cool as they come – their dad is a combination of Elvis Presley and Superman!” Certainly, being a bona fide rock star helps when it comes to impressing your children, but Stanley’s idea of being a cool dad involves a lot less glitter and pyrotechnics. “Being a great dad has nothing to do with your profession; it has to do with your commitment to your children,” he tells us. This is his guide to being a rock star dad.

Children don’t distinguish between a rock star, an actor, a street sweeper, or an accountant.
You’re either a good dad who reinforces what is good in them, and brings out and nurtures that, or you’re not.

My profession is an important part of who I am and what makes me tick.
So then it becomes a matter of balancing. Oftentimes my point of view has been: my children don’t get a vote so I have to vote on their behalf, and they would prefer daddy home. So as much as I can make that possible, I do it.

Within the realm of what is possible, I make myself there for my kids.
I sympathise with anybody who is pulled away by their work. But I know people who travel constantly and when they get to their hotel, they put on Skype and leave it on so their children have access to them.


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