Rock & Brews to Open in Chesterfield, Missouri


Itíll be time to majorly rock and roll this fall when Rock Superstars, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, open their new restaurant,Rock & Brews, in Chesterfield. Well known for its membersí face paint and stage outfits, Stanley and Simmons are the only remaining original members of the popular hard rock band KISS, the group that rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 1970ís with their extravagant live performances featuring fire breathing, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, and pyrotechnics.

The two founded the chain with restaurateur/hotelier, Michael Zislis, and concert promoters/brothers, Dave and Dell Furano. The concept is to be more of a lifestyle restaurant where folks can come to make it their home ó their hang out.  So, donít expect a museum with dead musiciansí clothes on the wall. Itís all about living today and celebrating today in an atmosphere that is comfortable and pays homage to their ďrock & roll spirit.Ē  What you can expect in the 8,600-square-foot space is 35 televisions, playing concert footage or music videos synced to rock music playing on the restaurantís speakers.

The restaurant will also feature at least 52 beers on draft, and fresh, high-quality foods like burgers, wings, pizzas, and pretzels.  The Chesterfield Rock & Brews is not only the chainís first location in the St. Louis area, but itís also the first in Missouri.  It will be the 18th Rock & Brews chain location. So get ready to salute rock & roll for the grand opening in October at 17258 Chesterfield Airport Road in the Chesterfield Commons shopping plaza.


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