Master Sergeant to serve as roadie for the band KISS

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Air Force Reserve Master Sergeant Christa Leary will serve as the "Roadie for a Day" for the band Kiss this Friday in Cheyenne. MSgt. Leary was selected by Hiring our Heroes for the honor. Cheyenne-area veterans are also eligible for free tickets to the show through Vet Tix. A link can be found in the sidebar to the website.

"Kiss is a legendary rock band first of all, but it's also a rock band that has shown tremendous accord for the military and military families."This is going to sound really lame, but when i was a little girl I used to play air guitar to I Was Made for Loving you around My Bedroom," said MSgt. Leary as she talked about the excitement she has for being the "roadie for a Day".

About MSgt. Leary:

Master Sergeant Christa Leary is currently a Career Assistance Advisor and Retention Manager at Buckley Air Force Base, CO. MSgt Leary provides guidance regarding retention and morale trends for over 1,200 Airmen in geographic locations in Colorado and California. She functions as advisor and liaison to the wing populace at every level of the organization overseeing programs dealing with retention, morale. Her work includes statistical reporting, investigative studies, trend analysis and high profile briefings. Previous Air Force Reserve positions include Cyber Operations to control secure data, enforce policy and procedures to protect clients, networks, data/voice systems and databases from unauthorized activity as well as Non Destructive Inspection of C-17 aircraft. Her expertise is also sought in promotions, retirements, retraining, leadership coaching, bonuses, gains, readiness, protocol, and dress and appearance issues for the entire wing. MSgt Leary came to the Buckley from most recently Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina where she worked as an Information Systems Journeyman and Security Manager.

MSgt Leary first entered the Armed Forces with the U.S. Navy. She was trained as an Avionics Technician and served during and after Operation DESERT STORM. She repaired aircraft such as the F-14 at one of NAS Miramarís prestigious Squadrons supporting Top Gun. Her various assignments took her from coast to coast until she moved to Turkey where she continued her service during Operation PROVIDE COMFORT, and Operation NORTHERN WATCH. She has worked in varying capacities over the years from supporting fellow service men and women after Tail Hook, standing up a new Expeditionary Support Unit in a remote location, to providing victim support during the Aurora Theater shooting, Waldo Canyon fires, and numerous suicide incidents. MSgt Leary has received a variety of decorations and awards and is honored to be recipient of the Jesse Childress Award. Her main focus is caring for Airmen and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come.

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