Gene Simmons Takes The Lead In KISS: The Demon Series

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As part of their slate of New York Comic Con announcements, Dynamite Entertainment has revealed that they are expanding their line of KISS comics to include a new limited series: “KISS: The Demon.” The series, which shines the spotlight on KISS co-founder and bass player Gene Simmons, is co-written by Amy Chu (“Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death”) and Erik Burnham (“Ghostbusters: International”) and features art by Eman Casallos (“Vampirella”).

“I figured this was a great opportunity to tell a really different kind of story, and it’s awesome that Dynamite is letting us do it!” said Chu in the press release. “Our aim is to build an incredible backstory for the current KISS series, answer a lot of the origin questions like who is Mr. Blackwell? and push the envelope of the KISS comics franchise.”

The announcement comes ahead of the launch of Dynamite’s flagship “KISS” series, which is also written by Chu and features art by Kewber Baal. “KISS” #1 will arrive in October, while “KISS: The Demon” is slated to launch in January. “The Demon” will be set in Iowa and follow three KISS fans as they form their own band and “embark on a journey that will not only change their lives, but also the fate of the world.”

“KISS has never just been a band. Our comic book history has been long and proud and has spanned decades, and now with Dynamite Entertainment, we intend to go even further,” said Gene Simmons. “When we get a great writer and artist team, we know better than to micromanage. We stay out of the way. Everyone involved wanted to take our personas and do classic KISS comic books, and with Amy Chu writing, this will be an adventure the fans will absolutely love.”

“KISS: The Demon” from Chu, Burnham and Casallos will arrive in January.

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