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KISS #1 Ė Advanced Review

Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Kewber Baal
Colorist: Schinerys Baal
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Kiss are back in comic book form with Dynamite comics. Kiss have a long history with comics with their first debut in 1977 with Howard the duck #12. Over the years many publishing houses have produced a Kiss title. These include Marvel, Image, Dark horse. With Dynamite owning the mantle what do they bring to the table?

This series takes place 500 years into the future, centuries after the great war destroyed society and the planets surface. Humanity did survives in a subterranean city of Blackwell, which appears to be regimented. We meet four kids, led by twins Eran and Noa, who are on the edge of conforming to society. Not believing all the stories and in possession of a ancient map. A journey begins with the hopes of learning the truth.

Kewber Baal provides some really solid artwork throughout the issue. He creates a perfectly murky atmosphere for Blackwell while in between Blackwell he creates wonder. Expressions on the kids faces are wonderful, the rendering add alot to there personality. Baal is fantastic at drawing expressions without the need for context, this is something he does here. Kewberís inclusions of The Elder album is brilliant.

Amy Chu has done a phenomenal job with her writing. This issue has clear evidence that Amy has a passion for the Band. She shows her passion by including Kiss lyrics within the issue. Amy has taken a different approach to her Kiss comic compared to writers before her. She has decided to use Kiss as the secondary in this narrative and make four kids the primary. Amy has cleverly created a narrative that screams Kiss but more Sci-fi. This isnít a bad thing however as Amy has used this to create an idea that is distinctive and original.

Overall this is a great read. Although nothing spectacular happened and Kiss only made brief cameo like appearances, it however was a fun read that sets the wheels of this series in motion. Amy and Kewber are great in this issue and I hope that continues. This issue is accessible by everyone, Kiss fan or not, thatís the beauty of Amyís writing.

ART 4/5

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