LA KISS Arena Football Ticket Refund Instructions

Dear Purchasers of 2017 Season Tickets:

            As previously announced, the LA Kiss will not be participating in the 2017 season, and all ticket purchases for the 2017 season are being fully funded.

Credit Card Purchases.  If you used a credit card to purchase your tickets for the 2017 season, then the easiest and quickest way to obtain your refund is to simply inform your credit card company that you dispute the credit card charge for your 2017 tickets.  Within approximately three business days after you inform your credit card company that you dispute the charge, your credit card company will issue you a provisional credit in the amount of your 2017 ticket purchase, and your credit card company will then contact us regarding the dispute.  We will then accept the disputed charge and reimburse your credit card company for the price of your 2017 tickets, in full and final settlement of the disputed charge, and your provisional credit will be fully allowed.  If the credit card with which you purchased your 2017 tickets is no longer active, then you should still follow this procedure, but you should confirm with your credit card company that they have your current address, to enable your credit card company to send you a refund check.

Check Purchases.  If you purchased your tickets for the 2017 season with a check, then please print, complete and mail or email back to us the attached form confirming your name, current address, and the seat numbers of your 2017 tickets, and we will promptly mail you a full refund.  If you misplaced your 2017 tickets and do not remember your seat numbers, then please include a copy of your cancelled check with your refund request. Link to refund request for check purchases: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/469d7d490c48848841bad4965/images/985dbc19-6476-429d-8d10-d7897a632bb5.png

Problems or Questions?  We believe that the process described above will achieve a prompt refund of virtually all of our ticket sales for the 2017 season.  However, we realize that even with the best of intentions, problems sometimes occur.  If you follow this process but do not receive your refund within ten (10) days thereafter, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding these instructions, then please call us at (714)462-5477.  If we do not answer when you call, then please leave your name and a daytime telephone number at which you can be reached, and we will return your call.

            Thank You.  We regret that the LA Kiss will not be playing in the 2017 season, and we sincerely apologize for the hassle and delay involved in obtaining your refund.  We are grateful for your understanding and loyal support.  As always, the KISS Army rocks!

Best Regards,

            Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Doc McGhee


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