KISS Comic #4 – Advance Review

by Tom Guilfoyle / www.outrightgeekery.com

Writer – Amy Chu
Art – Kewber Baal
Colors – Schimerys Baal
Cover – Lucio Parrillo, Shouri “Catman Emoji” (cover B),
Publisher – Dynamite Entertainment


Twin troublemakers Eran and Noa are back home. They now know Blackwell’s secrets, but will anyone believe them? Fortunately, they have some tricks up their sleeves, and with some help from KISS, they are about to turn their world upside down…


Kewber’s artwork is solid throughout this issue. He creates the perfect atmosphere in this issue with his art style. This issue has more energy and fun packed into this issue. This is a result of the colors and Kewber’s use of Body language.

Every character’s body language suits perfectly with their expression and mood. The expressions are at times like an actor over acting however, this makes the visuals enjoyable to watch and enhances their emotional investment in a scene.

The backgrounds and settings where drawn with a minimalistic detail. As a result, they were nice visuals that brought panels together. There are some panels where there is only color and this do a brilliant job at highlighting the main focus of the panel.


Schimerys’ colors are fantastic. They are vibrant that gives the comic that fun uplifting feel. There is a scene where the colors enhance the effect and power of the visuals. Baal’s shading is subtle but effective.


Amy proves that she is indeed a fan of KISS with this issue. This issue has great references to KISS’ history that will please any fan. However, this is not just fan service as each element introduced fits the narrative and moves to story along.

Our main protagonist’s continue to develop in this issue. Development has been slow in this series so far however, here is when the development begins. We begin to root and bond with these characters’ due to Amy’s writing abilities.

Amy manages again to blend lyrics into dialogue perfectly. Amy also acknowledges a past member of KISS in a way it feels like a fitting tribute. This issue fully capitalizes on the mythos of KISS.


This is another great issue that is written by KISS fans for KISS fans. This is an issue anyone can enjoy as it’s fun and entertaining, that’s what you want in a comic like this. The best way to read this issue is to have KISS playing in the background.

Art 4.5/5
Writing 5/5
Overall 4.5/5

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