Videos: Gene Simmons & His Band at Cleveland’s ‘The Agora’

Notes from Gene:

"OK kids, here's a song I don't think KISS ever played live. It's off of LOVE GUN. GOT LOVE FOR SALE, which was originally cut as a demo featuring Alex Van Halen (on drums) and Edward Van Halen (on rhythm and lead guitar) and yours truly on bass.

This was played impromptu at Cleveland's legendary The Agora two days ago, in response to the overwhelming requests I got from our sold out audience.

We had a ball doing it. Hope you like it too.


Playing Cleveland's Agora brought back lots of memories when KISS first played there in 1974.

Wizard World Con brought me in to play a set with my band, and we all had a ball.

Rockin' Johnny is a local celebrity In Cleveland. He is a young man with what some might consider a disability, but I consider rockstar attitude. 

Watch him take center stage and grab the mic.

We will see you at the other four WizardWorld.Com events.


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