Rockers KISS play Reno show Friday!

By Mark Earnest, Best Bets

When you think of rock music as theater, one band that should immediately spring to mind is KISS, the New York-based hard-rock group that put pyro, makeup and fire-breathing into the mainstream. But for founding member and guitarist/singer Paul Stanley, it’s still just basic rock and roll to him.

“I’ve always thought of us as — funny enough — a no-frills rock and roll band, like the bands I grew up seeing at the Fillmore East,” Stanley said in a recent interview with Forbes magazine. “That, taken to a different level, adding accoutrements to that, but at the core of it, we’ve always been just a no-frills rock and roll band. All we did was surround that with more, with pyrotechnics. The theatricality, I think, came from within us, as opposed to having dancing toothbrushes or anything like that. It was really about us.”

KISS will make a rare appearance in the region with a show on April 21 at Grand Sierra Resort. Stanley told Billboard magazine in a recent interview that the band still draws a wide range of ages, from young kids to their grandparents.

“KISS is an anomaly in that if you go to a show you might see your neighbor a few rows up or if you come with your dad or your grandfather, you’re all sharing this secret society you all covet and love,” Stanley said. “There’s a sense in families of almost passing it down, wanting your children to experience the wonder and joy and power this band gives people.”

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