A KISS Reunion: Autographed KISS album returned to Cedar Rapids woman who sold it at her garage sale

Pat Dale, of Cedar Rapids, is reunited on Saturday, July 29, with his 1977 “Kiss Alive II” album that his wife Susie accidentally sold at her garage sale on Friday. The man who bought the record wished to remain anonymous and only asked for his $2 back. The album was autographed and given to Pat Dale by Gene Simmons of Kiss some years ago during a trade show in Las Vegas.

By Rob Clark / The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — The record is back.

Susie Dale, of Cedar Rapids, said the man who purchased her husband Pat’s 1977 “Kiss Alive II” album, autographed by Gene Simmons, showed up before 8 a.m. today to her garage sale and returned the album in exchange for the $2 he paid for it on Friday.

“He brought it back, so that was very nice,” said Dale. “And, he would not take the $50.”

Dale had offered to buy the record back for that amount and also joked she’d throw in her old treadmill, which also is for sale.

“He would not take the treadmill,” Dale said, noting she’s slashing prices at her sale today.

“Valuable stuff is $2, everything else is free,” she joked. “The treadmill is ‘I give you $2.’”

Dale said the man who returned the album wished to remain anonymous and she has no idea where it is now.

“Pat took it and went in the house,” she said.

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