Gene Simmons talks The Vault with Eric Miller / Pods & Sods Network

Gene Simmons joins Eric in conversation to discuss The Gene Simmons Vault – an amazing collection of 50 years of Gene!  We talk about the earliest recording My Uncle Is A Raft from 1966, how he views songwriting from a creative perspective in addition to the business success, he shares details of specific never-before-heard tracks Hunger, Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl, early versions of Journey of 1000 Years, It’s My Life, writing during the Elder and Dynasty years, the history of the tapes involved in compiling this collection, how the book came together, the process he’ll undertake to deliver these to fans that buy them around the world, was anything retouched, whether he and Paul have talked about the future of KISS should one of them choose to step away, what’s next and much more.  W’ALLLRIGHT!!

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