On this day in KISSTORY - March 19, 1975 - KISS released their Dressed to Kill album. Dressed to Kill peaked at #32 on the US charts and was certified Gold by the RIAA on February 28, 1977.

Track Listing: 1. "Room Service" / 2. "Two Timer" / 3. "Ladies in Waiting" / 4. "Getaway" / 5. "Rock Bottom" / 6. "C'mon and Love Me" / 7."Anything for My Baby" / 8. "She" / 9. "Love Her All I Can" / 10. "Rock and Roll All Nite"



On this day in KISSTORY - March 16, 2008 - KISS kicked off their Alive 35 World Tour in front of 80,000 fans at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix  in Melbourne, Australia.

Here a great fan-filmed clip of "100,000 Years" from Melbourne.


Starchild Speaks: Paul Stanley on Art, KISS, and Loving Life

By Michael Cavacini / www.michaelcavacini.com

Paul Stanley, founding member and lead vocalist for the classic rock group KISS, has an art show at Wentworth Gallery in Short Hills, NJ on April 28. I recently interviewed Paul about his artwork, KISS, and much more.


You may not know this, but I’m the reporter that gave your son, Evan, his first cover story in the U.S. Last year, when this landmark event took place, what was that moment like for you?

Yeah, I so appreciate that. He’s onto bigger and better things. He left The Dives because the band was, essentially, him. He’s writing some amazing songs. He just needs room to grow. It just reached a point where I heard his newer material and I was just like, “Don’t compromise what you’re doing.” He’s on to some really big stuff. He’s very thankful, as am I, for what you did. Evan is a terrific guy, and I’m a huge fan of his, as a person. He’s determined to do this his way, and I give him a lot of credit. He’s got a great, strong work ethic. I was thrilled for him. And he doesn’t take it lightly, nor do I.

With KISS taking the year off from having a full-fledged tour, you’ve been showcasing your  beautiful artwork at events hosted by Wentworth Gallery. How do you approach creating your paintings? Do you know what your striving to accomplish before you start, or do you just start painting and see what happens?

Interestingly, earlier on, I was basically painting as a cathartic means. It was really just something to deal with, kind of, a whole lot of emotional issues that were going on in my life – relationships. It was more a sense of purging, whereas now a lot of time goes into figuring out what I want to do before I do it. So, I find myself, probably, spending more time trying to figure out how I’m going to do something than actually doing it. I’m in the studio right now working, and last night was me saying to myself, “OK, how am I going to pull this off?” I’m in the home stretch now. I’m really having a great time. I tend to define myself by the outlets I find, and I’ve found so many. I think people need to give themself more leeway. There are plenty of people around you who are going to hinder your creativity, so why not do your own? It’s crazy. When people say to me, “I can’t paint, I can’t draw,” I say, “Nonsense.” Just because you paint a Coke bottle and it doesn’t look like a Coke bottle doesn’t mean it’s not great. Give yourself a chance. It’s amazing what you’ll find over time that you can do. It doesn’t mean you’ll do it all tomorrow, but you have to start somewhere.


KISS raise cash for children’s hospital following Manchester bombing

From www.thesun.co.uk

The band are auctioning off incredible prizes, including signed guitars, VIP tickets, and a cabin on the KISS Cruise

LEGENDARY rock band Kiss are raising funds for a Manchester children's hospital after the terror attack forced them to cancel gigs in the city.

Following the tragic event at the Manchester Arena last year, the Children’s Hospital has received an out-pouring of support which has now stretched across the Atlantic with the rock stars getting in touch to pledge their support.

The band has donated guitars signed by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer respectively, plus a signed personal snare drum with signed drum sticks from Eric Singer.

The band sadly had to cancel their gig on May 30 last year following the attack but now want to raise funds with an auction.

Among the items being auctioned are a signed guitar that has never been played, VIP tickets to any sold out Kiss show in the world, plus a cabin on the sold out 8th Kiss Kruise and two tickets for one of their sold-out shows on the Kruise with a band meet and greet.

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