KISS / Vampirella. Comic Trade Paperback in stores Feb 14

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Page Count: 144 pages


L.A. is a strange town on the best of days, but in the summer of 1974, the City of Angels feels especially demonic. As temperatures soar and wildfires burn, all sorts of strange creatures are drawn to town, including Vampirella. While Vampi goes out and hunts down monsters all across La La Land - defending humanity from evil - she's also killing it every night on stage as a member of the all-girl rock group Witchkraft - defending rock 'n' roll from a dying scene. Help arrives in the form of four creatures who've just flown into town: The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman and The Catman. Away from their home turf and trying to record their new album, KISS discovers that all their favorite L.A. bands have mysteriously broken up, disappeared, sold out, or gone crazy. Led by a driver who moonlights in the occult and haunted by satanic strangers dressed in black, KISS finds themselves drawn into a web conspiracy that threatens to kill rock 'n' roll itself. 



Tommy Thayer signing Today

Tommy Thayer, David Feiss (Cow & Chicken) & music industry legend Peter Asher will be at Barnes & Nobles in Thousand Oaks, CA for a special Ernest Hummingbird reading & book signing at 1 pm!


On this day in KISStory - February 10, 1977, KISS won the People's Choice Award for the single "Beth" in the Best Song category.



Friday, February 9th
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Wentworth Gallery, Las Olas
819 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saturday February 10th
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Wentworth Gallery, Town Center Mall
6000 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL

View Paul Stanley’s Art at http://www.wentworthgallery.com/stanley.html

Collection of Originals, Mixed-Media Originals & Acrylic Guitar Sculptures on Exhibition & Available for Acquisition.


KISS guitarist featured on app for children's book

By Robyn Flans, Special to Ventura County Star

A guitarist for the rock band Kiss is featured in an app for a children’s book dealing with some themes close to the musician’s heart: persistence and following a dream.

Tommy Thayer is featured in the app that accompanies a children’s book called “Ernest Hummingbird.” It’s the first book written by animator David Feiss, who has worked on “The Ren & Stimpy Show” and a reboot of “The Jetsons,” and who created “Cow and Chicken.”

Thayer co-wrote some of the songs with musician and producer Peter Asher, who was part of the 1960s duo Peter and Gordon and worked with the Beatles’ Apple organization, James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt.

Thayer, Feiss and Asher will read from the book and sign copies Saturday at Barnes & Noble in Thousand Oaks.

Thayer said he was excited to work with Asher.

“I’m a huge Beatles fan and ’60s British pop,” Thayer said. “What a legend.”



On this day in KISSTORY - February 9, 1999, the Playboy issue featuring the 'Girls of KISS' was released. Gene Simmons graces the cover of the magazine, and the entire band appears in the photos with the 'Girls of KISS,' who are all wearing KISS Makeup...and not much else!


Paul Stanley on His Passion for Painting & the Future of KISS

by / Billboard.com

We're used to seeing Paul Stanley on the road playing new music. But this coming weekend he's making a pair of Florida appearances for a different kind of art.

Stanley will be showing off his paintings and sculptures on Friday (Feb. 9) and Saturday (Feb. 10) at the Wentworth Gallery in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, respectively. He might not rock n' roll all night at either locale, but Stanley feels like these events are their own kind of parties.

"I enjoy going to the galleries," Stanley, who studied art as a youth and returned to active painting a decade ago, tells Billboard. "I enjoy meeting people. People acquire pieces and we get a chance to talk about those pieces and I'm interested in their take and what they're getting out of the piece. I'm a big believer that people are intimidated by art and theater because critics have intimidated them. Nobody needs to be told what good art is; Good art is what you like and bad art is what you don't like. I would love to get people to realize they don't have to justify their opinions about anything and just find what makes them happy and embrace it. I hate when people preface what they're going to say with, 'Well, I don't know anything about art.' There's nothing to know. You either like it or you don't. End of story."

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