March 14, 2006
Over 600 fans attended Saturday's Indianapolis KISS Expo featuring Eric Singer and John Harte. Eric was his usual friendly self, slowing the autograph line down to chat and joke with fans, many of whom he remembered from previous expos here over the last decade. John looked like he had a great time too, sitting next to Eric and mingling with the fans who wanted to hear every story he had to tell. This was the first Expo appearance by the former KISS security man and I'm sure not the last! The Q & A was especially fun and lively with Eric and John appearing together! There were a lot of funny Ace stories from both of them and a few planted questions by yours truly to wind Eric up. Those usually don't work but it sure gets Eric talking! The vibe of the Q & A was that these two were celebrating KISS, not knocking them and that's what these events are all about! That's also why certain "expo" guests will never appear at an INDY Expo! Throughout the day fans visited dealers and shopped at the 40 plus tables of KISS merchandise! Merchandise and collectibles spanned the band's 30 plus years. Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi and KISS Army founder Bill Starkey spent the day taking photos and speaking with the fans, as did Colette Shaw who promoted her KISS related novel, Won't Get Fooled Again. Q95's music director and long time KISS supporter Ace Cosby also stopped by to say hello everyone. Hands down the number one question of the day circulating the expo was "when is Paul's solo record coming out"? Fans, dealers, and even expo guests wanted that answer! Cleveland's KISS tribute band Mr. Speed closed the expo with a rocking set, debuting their newly revamped lineup to an appreciative audience. All in all another great KISS event to celebrate the greatest rock band of all time!