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Me and Jake

Posted on 09/19/2021
JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW I took my 11 year old grandson to his first Rock & Roll concert on September 9, 2021. KISS-Irvine. I have close to 100 concerts under my belt, my first being Led Zeppelin in 1975. When looking for a band to take him to see I ran across the KISS End of the Road tour. I immediately thought THAT?€™S IT! When I told Jacob about it, I asked if he wanted to wear make-up and his response was ?€?Well, Grandma, you kind of have to, don?€™t you??€? We went full make-up, in a limo and had an F?€™n BLAST! The thunderstorm was an extra surprise. On the way home Jacob said ?€?Grandma, It?€™s like the band is following us home.?€? (How cool is that?) The next day when I took him home, he told me ?€?Thanks for the best night of my life!?€? This is a memory he will never forget and I want to thank the band for that. In the end, all we have are our memories and this will stick with him long after I?€™m gone. It was my first KISS concert as well and I must say it ranks #1. Don?€™t tell Jacob but I already bought KISS tickets for another show on Feb 5th in Las Vegas. I?€™m going to surprise him at Christmas. THANK YOU GENE, PAUL (still hot by the way), TOMMY AND ERIC. I?€™ve always been the ?€?cool?€? Grandma but now, WITH YOUR HELP, am elevated to ?€?COOLEST GRANDMA EVER!?€? Lisarae and Jacob
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