Spending a Week on the Open Sea with KISS Fans on KISS Kruise VII

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“Home sweet mother f#$king home!,” bellows a shirtless Larry Guerin, a six-time KISS Kruise attendee as he races onto the Norwegian Pearl ship, docked in the Port of New Orleans, sporting a mile-wide smile on his face and seven KISS tattoos filling prime real estate on his back.

Guerin’s guttural rebel yell catches its share of notice among the hordes of embarking KISS fans, some hollering in unison,” Hell yes!” A native of New Roads, Louisiana, Guerin, 46, a QC supervisor of chemical plants and refineries, is one of 2300 + passengers (1528 returning cruisers and 746 first-timers) from 31 countries booked on the sold-out KISS Kruise VII, a five-day rockin’ and rollin’ excursion on the high seas with stops in Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico.


Amazing KISS Demon Tattoo!

Thanks to Christophe Liglet for sharing this amazing Gene Simmons Demon tattoo with us! The tattoo was done by Jonny Ocean Tattoos.

Happy Birthday Bruce Kulick!

Happy Birthday, Bruce! Have an amazing day celebrating with your family and friends. 

Here's Bruce rockin'  Tokyo with KISS in 1988.




Thanks to KISS ARMY member - Eric for sharing his KISS collection with us! Very cool!

1973 KISS Poster

Note from Paul:

A month before our show in 1973 I drew this poster with a ruler and a Sharpie in my parent’s apartment. We put them up all over New York City. The logo remains unchanged. I remember it like it was yesterday but also like it was another lifetime. Wow...

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