Life challenge complete!!

Thanks for sharing with us, Joseph!

Five years ago I set out to get it all for original KISS members autographs written and tattooed on my leg. By meeting Paul Stanley on KISS KRUISE 7 I accomplished my goal! Thank you to my buddy Bruce and girlfriend Karen for helping me accomplish my mission. What a wonderful experience the past week was. KK7 was AMAZING! I can't wait for next year. - Joseph Polo


KISS Rock City Mobile Game!

Epic Rights and Sproing have joined forces to highlight the famous rock band while taking players through the struggle of building a legendary band.

Sproing has released the new mobile game “KISS Rock City” for the App Store and Google Play worldwide.

The game was developed in close collaboration with KISS and Epic Rights, the band’s exclusive global licensing agent.

“KISS Rock City” will see players work their way up from playing the local bar circuit to the international spotlight, all while navigating the quirks of their band members, rivals, their manager and other weird characters. Throughout the game, users will also be able to play along with original KISS songs and will reach fame through skill, business deals and the help of their KISS mentors.

“KISS Rock City” is now available.



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