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3rd generation KISS Fan

This is my grandson, Bentley. He is a third generation Kiss fan. His father is a United States Marine, currently stationed in Washington State, serving in a Security Forces unit. My First ever concert as a youth, was Kiss. My son's first ever concert as a youth, was Kiss. Hopefully Kiss will still be rocking away when Bentley is old enough to enjoy them the way my son and I have. Thanks for being part of our lives.

Posted on 08/31/2015

Me with My IDOLS!

Happy Birthday to the God of Thunder and true War Machine!!! Hope you day was special with family and friends!!

Posted on 08/31/2015

KISS Autographed Pinball Machine

Just got my autographed KISS pinball machine setup up and wanted to tell you how much fun it is. I've been playing it for hours! Ten rockin' KISS Klassics and great game play! It doesn't get any better than this.

Posted on 08/31/2015
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