KISS kick off Australian leg of world tour with epic show at Perth Arena

By Kristy Symonds /  PerthNow

THEY say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After 42 years, KISS know exactly what their loyal fans love and continued to deliver it in spades with a spectacular show at Perth Arena.

Kicking off the Australian leg of their world tour in front of a sea of painted faces, the legendary US rockers spared no effort or energy in pulling out all their signature gimmicks just as big and as loud as ever.

Before descending from the arena roof on the 43,000kg, fire-spewing rig called The Spider, the band yelled “All right, Perth! You wanted the best, you got the best — the hottest band in the world, KISS,” sending the crowd into an expectant frenzy.

While Gene Simmons ceremoniously slid his famous tongue up and down his bass guitar, breathed a ball of fire and let fake blood bubble down his chin as he played the role of the Demon, Starchild Paul Stanley stuck his guitar pick on his tongue, showing it off to the photographers in the pit below, shimmied and shook, and caught a zip line over to a small rotating stage in the crowd.

Spaceman Tommy Thayer took on an epic solo, shooting fireworks from his guitar, while Catman Eric Singer rose to the roof on his drum kit.

Of course, with The Spider, which features 220 automated lights and 900 pieces of pyrotechnics, powered by 400,000 watts of sound, there was fire — and lots of it.



Get your face paint out Australia and New Zealand because Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer have arrived Down Under!

KISS' 40th Anniversary World Tour rocks Perth Arena tonight!

Ready for a stage production called ‘The Spider’, moved by 38 computer controlled winches, featuring 220 automated lights, weighing in at 43,000 kgs, incorporating 900 pieces of pyrotechnics and powered by 400,000 watts of sound?   

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October 3    PERTH Arena

October 6     ADELAIDE Entertainment Centre

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October 10  SYDNEY AllPhones Arena

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October 16   AUCKLAND Vector Arena



Full Throttle Rock Interview with Tommy Thayer


Who is the greatest rock band of all time? Depending on who you speak to this is an argument that could rage until the end of time. For some it may be The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, some might want to argue it’s AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, and for a younger generation it may be Nirvana. Personally I think you can keep all of them because there is only one clear choice as far as I’m concerned and that is KISS. For 40 years this group of superhero rock and rollers have been conquering the world with their brand of good time rock and roll and influencing generations of would-be rock stars. Their work ethic, particularly when it comes to touring, is second to none and there is no corner of the world the band won’t play; the same can’t be said for others. Once again the band has ventured to the land down under, which has always welcomed them with enthusiasm, as part of the 40th Anniversary tour. I caught up with guitarist and all round nice guy Tommy Thayer for a chat about the band’s rich history, the current tour and playing golf.

Rock Man: Firstly, welcome back to Australia. You’re here as part of the 40th Anniversary tour and Australia has played a big part in the bands success over the journey, hasn’t it?

Tommy Thayer: Well there is no question about it, and particularly in my journey with KISS. My first official show with the band was in 2003 here in Melbourne for the KISS Symphony concert. But of course KISS has been near and dear to the hearts of Australian’s for a long time. The first time the band was in Australia was in 1980 and it was akin to ‘Beatlemania’; when they came it was over the top and it was a huge tour. I was not here at that time, but I have heard all about it and I have seen all the photos and I have seen the newspaper headlines from that tour and it looks like it was over the top.

RM: So going back to 2003 and that KISS Symphony show in Melbourne, that is an incredible way to announce your arrival in the band.

TT: It really was because it was this full blown concert with the Melbourne Symphony at the Telstra Dome, at the time, and there was 40/50,000 people there. The entire Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was in KISS make-up and we recorded it for a live album and DVD as well, so there was a little pressure involved in that first gig I did. But once I got past that it has been smooth sailing ever since.

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