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Easter peeps contest

Got 1st place over all "peepole's choice!" Very cool and a lot of fun. Thanks Rex jacox for helping me. Rock on my fellow army brotha & sista's "biggestkissfanever" Dennis Michalski jr York, ne - Dennis Michalski jr

Posted on 04/03/2018


Today, April 3rd, after 12 years, The Hottest Band In The World takes Chile and we, their Chilean fan club want to celebrate it as it deserves. That's why we created this set of photos of that magical day to share it with the KISS Family... We hope to have them back this year. Regards from Chile! - KISSARMY.CL

Posted on 04/03/2018

KISS in wildwood

From '79. This shows how large kiss was / is. A giant billboard of them ( there were new life-size likenesses of them on display at a wax museum) loomed overhead to greet the tens of thousands who vacationed at this seaside resort during summertime. - Jeff G Dadamo

Posted on 04/01/2018


Check out this bar I built with a couple of friends. 32 albums with an epoxy top. Turned out better than I could of ever imagined! Rock on! - Thomas Brule

Posted on 04/01/2018
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