PNC Holmdel Part 5
Subject: PNC Holmdel Part 5
From: KISS Allegiance on 07/31/2014
Part 5 PNC Holmdel.
PNC Holmdel part 4
Subject: PNC Holmdel part 4
From: kiss Allegiance on 07/31/2014
Part 4 of PNC Holmdel.
PNC Holmdel Part three
Subject: PNC Holmdel Part three
From: KISS Allegiance on 07/31/2014
Part 3 of PNC
PNC Holmdel Show
Subject: PNC Holmdel Show
From: KISS Allegiance on 07/31/2014
Part 2 of our pics from PNC.
at PNC, Holmdel, NJ
Subject: KISS at PNC, Holmdel, NJ
From: Tony .V. KISS Allegiance on 07/31/2014
Hello KISS & Fellow KISS Army Family This is Tony .V. and Eric Adams co founders of the KISS Allegiance, and we saw you at the PNC Holmdel show on July 26th, and we wanted to share with you some of the awesome pics we took. Awesome show, but, how come Eric and Tommy didn't do solos and Gene didn't fly up to the lighting rig? Gene looked like he was having problems, we hope all is okay and we'll see you at the Jones Beach, meet and greet.
Subject: Kiss MiniGolf
From: Alex Hamilton on 07/30/2014
Hi we went to Vegas on our honeymoon together with our daughter - only one place to go!! See attached files - need to get back to Manchester in the UK soon!! Peace out
Old photo
Subject: Old Kiss photo
From: Me on 07/30/2014
This is an old photo from March 1975 on the day before Dressed To Kill was released. The man in the middle is J Rothberg, the editor of Circus magazine.
Shadow Box
Subject: Shadow Box
From: Randy on 07/29/2014
Hey Kiss Army, check out this Shadow Box I just put together with the swag I got from the Killer show in Tampa Florida.
first concert
Subject: first kiss concert
From: t morris on 07/29/2014
I just wanted to say thanks for a great concert in charlotte,nc.I have always wanted to see kiss live,since 1978.You guys put on one HELL of a show !!! Keep on rockin !!!
in German Supermarked-Stores LIDL !
Subject: KISS in German Supermarked-Stores LIDL !
From: Lion67 on 07/29/2014
Hello Again Paul, Gene, Eric Singer & Tommy ! Since Childhood I dream that we in Europe have it like sometimes the US-Fans have: KISS in our Supermarkets ! I don't support the German Logos in General ! But if I can get KISS-Stuff in that way, I will make exceptions. So I love the T-Shirt really much, it's a great Picture and I like the Boxershorts very much ! So I have bought it. On Monday Moring I was one of the first Shopper in my near space ! And bought two Shirts....One I will do in my closet after washing and will never wear will hang then next to my FAREWLL-Tour Shirt from 6.6.2000, which I bought on my 24th KISS-Concert in Richmond Coliseum ! And the other one I will wear at home, because going out with the German Logo I never do ! When I wear one of my KISS-Shirts, I only go out with the otriginal ss ! I hope to find more in the future from KISS in our Supermarkets......! Cool would be with Original Logo...but I think Germans politic will never learn it ! Fan for Lifetime Your Lion67 (and in some days I will go on with my Back To Black-Albums-Letters ! Wish you & Def Leppard still a great Tour, a great KISS-KRUISE & 9 Sold Out Shows in Viva Las-Vegas !!!!!
The Starchild Salute of Britteny Rose
Subject: The Starchild Salute of Britteny Rose
From: DJ Sterling Golden on 07/29/2014
KISS what's good! Before you guys come through Xfinity Center this Friday, you should check out Boston rocker & fashion model Britteny Rose's homage to the Starchild. Beautiful & super dope! Does Paul amazing justice. Boston & beyond is excited for the concert event of the summer this Friday! #KISS40Tour DJ Sterling Golden SterlingSinn Radio (Fridays 8PM EST
I am a classic rock musician stuck in a new musician's body.
Subject: I am a classic rock musician stuck in a new musician's body.
From: Chris Mercer on 07/29/2014
I have been a huge fan of KISS my entire childhood, and I have been inspired to pursue my own musical career thanks to the constant reminder of real music I hear on your records every day. I met Gene in 2007 at a 7-11 Convenience store and saw KISS LIVE @ The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in 2010! My dad Gord Mercer was in a KISS tribute band called FRIED ALIVE from 2006-2012, and his best friend hand built an axe bass, New York Groove guitar, UFO guitar, Smoker Guitar, and many more! KISS is everywhere in my life, and I love it. GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU. Sincerely, Chris Mercer
Bristow, VA
Subject: Bristow, VA
From: Scott Hailey on 07/28/2014
I attended the concert in Bristow on July 25. it was my 8th time seeing KISS in concert and first time at this venue. It was without question the best performance of all 8 I have attended. I love the original lineup like all KISS fans, but the current KISS lineup is the best in terms of musicianship and showmanship. KISS means a lot to me. KISS fans should be very thankful for Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.They are top notch. And of course the same goes for Paul and Gene too !!. Please tour forever!
Paul Stanley at PNC
Subject: Paul Stanley at PNC
From: Mike Altini on 07/27/2014
After an hour of robin and a rollin, Paul lands on his "Love Gun stage" for more action
Subject: Charlotte,NC
From: Wayne White on 07/26/2014
I'm a military veteran and I have to say THANK YOU for everything the Kiss Band/Crew/Management has done for those of us who have worn the uniform. This is a photo I took of Gene while in the front row at the Charlotte, NC show. Again, Thank you you for an awesome show and the work you do for our men and women of the armed forces Ssgt. Wayne White USAF
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