Is Everywhere
Subject: Kiss Is Everywhere
From: Edward Janson on 04/23/2014
Check out this Kiss display at the Hard Rock Cafe at Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, South Africa.
"Paul Stanley: Face the music - A life exposed" in "Clarín" newspaper from Argentina
Subject: "Paul Stanley: Face the music - A life exposed" in "Clarín" newspaper from Argentina
From: Marcelo García / Kiss Army Argentina on 04/23/2014
"Clarín" newspaper from Argentina, published an article about Paul Stanley's book "Paul Stanley: Face the music - A life exposed" on April 23, 2014. Under the title "Biography kills record" says the book is a Best Seller. Marcelo García / Kiss Army Argentina
Can't Wait til August
Subject: Can't Wait til August
From: Jim Luciano on 04/22/2014
hey guys, I can't wait until August here in Wisconsin when you all come and destroy Alpine Valley Theater!!! I did miss your Monster Tour, which really sucked. I definitely wasn't going to miss your 40th Anniversary Concert, and for good reason!! I was diagnosed with advanced pulmonary fibrosis at the end of last year, basically my lungs are shot to the point that I am on 24/7 oxygen. It is really tough getting around some days, but I'll be damned if it slows me down too much to see your concert. The specialists have given me three to five years, which is the reason I HAVE TO get to see you guys this year!!! So anyway I guarantee that, to the best of my ability, I am going to rock and roll all night when you guys come to town!!!
Paul's Painting
Subject: Paul's Painting
From: Jennifer Gregory on 04/22/2014
Wanted Paul to see how great his painting looks in my house!
Thank You!
Subject: Thank You!
From: Eddie Surman on 04/21/2014
I Just finished reading Paul Stanley: Face The Music. I must say I have never been so moved or inspired after reading this. Paul Stanley has motivated me to be who I am. Who I want to be. And most importantly knowing that I can help myself by helping others out. Life is not about surrendering. Your family and your friends are the ones who make yourself strong. Even though I haven't met Paul Stanley he inspires me to the bottom of my heart to be who I am born to be. Thank you Paul Stanley from me and to all of the KISS Army for 40 and more years to come of the Legacy of KISS
Custom made Elder box
Subject: Custom made Elder box
From: Alejandro Rizzotti on 04/21/2014
I wanna share with all the KISS Army my custom made Elder box for my KISS albums. It was made by my girlfriend Mariel for our anniversary. Alejandro Rizzotti. Cordoba, Argentina.
Our trip to NY
Subject: Our trip to NY
From: Marita and Rainer from Germany on 04/21/2014
We went to NY for Paul's book signing and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. It was absolutely amazing! We also visited some KISS related places. NY is an awesome city.We'll come back! Thank you KISS for 40 years of Kisstory!!!
Subject: rnrhf
From: Kate on 04/20/2014
Just wanted to say ALL ORIGINAL, FORMER AND CURRENT members of THE GREATEST BAND 'KISS' are IMPORTANT and should all be recognised, if we the fans can see this then why not rnrhf? To Tommy and Eric you are truly GREAT MUSICIANS easy on the eye too!! Do not ever doubt how much you are loved and adored by your fans!! LONG LIVE KISS AND ROCK'N'ROLL!!
Familia era
Subject: Familia Kissera
From: Kiss on 04/20/2014
We are a family of Argentina, we want to send them a special greeting in this Easter and wish them a very Happy New Year! in these 40 years of the group, looking forward to return to Argentina to make a show.If yuo can send as a gretting to my son and nephew I will thank you.
Happy Easter
Subject: Happy Easter
From: Chris Medek on 04/20/2014
See Ya Soon!
Tribute Band LOVE GUN
Subject: Kiss Tribute Band LOVE GUN
From: Garrett Ridenhour on 04/19/2014
Hi, I have been a KISS fan since I was 6yrs old. My 1st lp was RARO. I have been hooked since. Recently I have started helping a KISS Tribute Band called Love Gun. I attached a picture from their Facebook page. Just wanted to add them to your list of Tribute bands if possible. I attached their link and the link to my Facebook group KISS OF THE CAROLINAS. thank you so much Garrett,
From: Marcelo Porto on 04/19/2014
Hi, Im from Buenos Aires,Argentina,i was visiting NYC one more time,but this time was special,cause a could had the chance to meet Paul,last april 7th at Barnes & Nobles,presenting his book,the one i got,and had my always desired picture with him,im a Kiss fan since i was 13,now 47,but that evening,felt i was 13 again!! Thanks Paul & KISS for all these years od R'N'R!!! sincerely,Marcelo Porto
More cover art
Subject: More cover art
From: Tim on 04/18/2014
This is the last one I tried to send you but wasn't able to include it with that last letter, so here it is now. ALIVE Cobo Hall CD Cover KISS fan since 75 Timothy Jenkins
From one artist to another
Subject: From one artist to another
From: Tim on 04/18/2014
Hi Gene Paul Eric and Tommy, I just wanted to pass along a couple of CD covers I designed from the record cover art. The Destroyer I re-designed and the ALIVE Cobo Hall CD cover I designed myself. . . I think I an a great idea man and am willing to work for virtually nothing. I am willing to work for what Peter wouldn't work for. . .Just kidding. No offence Pete. I am more interested in getting my ideas out there and making some money as well. I think you guys are more than just a rock group as you are also an image.. I have countless ideas that could help you guys make money and also keep the fans happy with more swag, Thanks for taking this e-mail and maybe you guys will read it this time. A faithful follower for almost 40 years. I will have to send the ALIVE Cobo Hall CD cover in a new letter. Sorry about that. Have a pleasant day, Timothy Jenkins
she loves
Subject: she loves kiss
From: Romy on 04/18/2014
she wears proudly her favorite t-shirt- she is 6 years old !!!
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