My collection/video
Subject: My kiss collection/video
From: Niels Ole Jessen on 07/17/2014
Hello I'm Niels Ole from Denmark i will show you a video of my large KISS Collection! I've been a KISS fan since i can remember and i have been collecting my large collection for about 5 years.
Dressed 2 Kill
Subject: Dressed 2 Kill
From: Randy on 07/17/2014
We are getting pumped up for the Dressed 2 Kill Kiss Kruise 4!!!! Can't wait, counting the Days.....
forever band
Subject: kiss forever band
From: Tom on 07/17/2014
Great concert last night in Budapest, Hungary...KISS FOREVER BAND...
Subject: KISSelfie
From: Antonio Saz (Spain) on 07/16/2014
Hi friends of Kissonline. I send you a funny cartoon from the great drowner Ricardo Siri Liniers. Is a funny selfie mades by the Great Demon.... Siri is a great and pretigiuos cartoonist from this great country called Argentina. Regards from Zaragoza (Spain)
The Oath Cover
Subject: The Oath Cover
From: Daniel Lago on 07/16/2014
Hey Kiss Army Check it out!
in comic from Argentina
Subject: Kiss in comic from Argentina
From: Marcelo García / Kiss Army Argetina on 07/16/2014
July 16, 2014. Argentine comic artist Liniers posted today on Twitter this cartoon. "I wanna autofoto (selfie) all night... and party everyday!!!". Enjoy it.
We honour you!!!
Subject: We honour you!!!
From: NOTHIN on 07/16/2014
Hi guys, Just to let you know that we honouring KISS bringing the verb is the most recent NOTHIN' TO LOSE tribute band live shows!!!...we'll keep on do it ;D
Cincinnati Show EPIC
Subject: Cincinnati Show EPIC
From: Kyle Barlow on 07/16/2014
We had a great time at the show in Cincinnati. KISS, it's a family thing... We had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Isaac and his family. As well as other KISS friends we've met through social media. An Epic Night....
Subject: Retirement
From: Eric Belland on 07/15/2014
I recently retired for the US Air Force after 21 years of service. My very beautiful and supportive wife surprised me with a cake featuring none other than the God of Thunder. What a great time. Then it was topped off by meeting the guys in LA at the Forum on 8 July. Great time! Thanks for the decades of decibels. Eric
we tribute you with our band!
Subject: we tribute you with our band!
From: Francesco Olivieri on 07/15/2014
Hi! I'm Francesco from Italy. You are my heroes! I play bass in a band called Kiss of the Queen... We modestly tribute you and Queen as best we can! We love your music and your unique style on the stage! I link here below some videos of ours hoping we are enough good to you to play your incredible music! I loved your show in Udine last year and it will always be the best gig I'll ever see in my life! You've been great! It has been a great emotion and i will thank you for being so incredible! To me you'll live forever as the best rock band in the world ("the hardest band in the world"). hope to have your answer kindly yours Francesco
Dallas 7-13-14
Subject: Dallas 7-13-14
From: Greg on 07/14/2014
My 24 year old son went to see you guys for the first time in his life and was blown away by the show. One of the people in his group was in a wheel chair and the event staff came and moved them all 4 from the lawn to the handicapped seating which was an upgrade for all them.. would like to shout out and big thanks for the great treatment they all got... thanks... Greg from Oklahoma
Thank you!
Subject: Thank you!
From: Peter B. Sanders on 07/14/2014
Dear Paul Stanley, Very simply, I wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, personally, not only in my own work in musical theatre, but in my life in general. Your music has been with me for a great many years, and has helped me through some very rough times. Recently, I bought and read your book, and even more now, I admire what you do. So, THANK YOU... I very much hope to meet you someday, so I can shake your hand. Sincerely, Peter B. Sanders
Eric Carr´s Birthday
Subject: Eric Carr´s Birthday
From: Martina on 07/13/2014
Yesterday I had to remeber Eric, so I drawed this picture. R.I.P. Eric, I can´t remember. Martina, Czech Republic
Great time at Austin TX show
Subject: Great time at Austin TX show
From: Eliot on 07/13/2014
The show was GREAT, crowd was huge and the family had a great time. Thank you. You were there for me as a teen and now your rocking and rolling my girls.
Hi dear online !
Subject: Hi dear KISSonline !
From: KISSMANSON12 on 07/12/2014
I would like to share my other new rockin tattoo god of thunder! My admiration for gene simmons can not describe ... I'm so happy to have him marked for ever ... greetings from Mexico rock city ! YEAH
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