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Aug 31 2012
Shout It Out Loud; Legendary Rock Group KISS and ACC Network Will Rock 2012 ACC Football

Multi-Platinum Selling Group’s Single “Hell or Hallelujah” Will Kickoff ACC Network Telecasts

Legendary multi-platinum group KISS will rock ACC Network telecasts of Atlantic Coast Conference football, it was announced today by Raycom Sports. Through this partnership of rock royalty and premier college football, KISS’ new hit single “Hell or Hallelujah” will set the tone for the kickoff of each week’s syndicated game.

Rock legends KISS is the juggernaut of them all having already broken box office records set by The Beatles and Elvis. Their 40-plus year history includes -- 28 U.S. gold albums, the most gold records for any American rock band, 40 million sales in the U.S., and a total exceeding 100 million worldwide. Their 20th studio album MONSTER will be released October 16, The band’s first single from MONSTER, the full-throttle, autobiographical rocker “Hell or Hallelujah,” immediately went #1 on the iTunes rock charts in the U.S., and numerous countries around the world including Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and more.

KISS returns with Monster, a 12-track, straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll album features collaborations among all four members - including co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and longtime members guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer - in an album that shows the band at the top of its game.

“We are honored to have KISS open our ACC football telecasts,” said David Barringer, producer for Raycom Sports. “KISS’ music and college football go hand in hand. They are part of the fabric of America and American culture. Their pure, high energy music is going to be a great addition to our games.”

KISS leads a star-studded list of performers featured in Raycom football and basketball telecasts over the years, including Rascal Flatts, Brooks & Dunn, Jason Aldean, Daughtry, Sugarland, Alison Krauss, Chris Brown, Lil’ Mama, T-Pain, David Cook and Ricky Skaggs.
Aug 31 2012
If you think all Minnesota Kiss fans are 40- or 50-somthings, you'd be wrong, Frank Vascellaro reports

Aug 31 2012
KISS appears on the cover of the new issue of Metal Hammer Norway. The issue features an interview with Gene Simmons and Eric Singer from the Norwegian Kollen Festival.
Aug 31 2012
These monsters of rock brought thrills and the freak show to a grandstand doubleheader.

Excerpts from the Article by: JON BREAM , Star Tribune

Imagine eating a Pronto Pup, a tray of cheese curds and a bag of mini-donuts. Then going on that new Stratosphere ride, the double-Ferris wheel and the roller coaster.

Well, the State Fair grandstand presented the musical equivalent of that Wednesday night -- a doubleheader of Kiss and Motley Crue. If ever two bands were built for the fair, these holdovers from the 1970s and '80s, respectively, are. They had makeup, pyro, loud guitars, leather-throated vocals and more gimmicky gizmos than you could find inside the grandstand. Talk about your thrill ride and freak show rolled into one.

Like the Crue, Kiss offered a set that was mostly an assembly of greatest-hits plus one new song. And, of course, the kingpins of rock theatrics had plenty of the same old tricks -- a fireworks-shooting guitar, giant flames, Simmons' flying to the top of the stage and Paul Stanley's riding a cable over the crowd to a platform among the 13,138 fans. The new wrinkles were a giant video screen backdrop (the biggest the State Fair has ever seen), Kiss spelled out on video instead of actual lights at the back of the stage and Simmons' wearing a wedding band. Now that's really new.

Relatively new guitarist Tommy Thayer played it fast and clean and sang credibly on "Shock Me." At 60-something, the ever-energetic Stanley and Simmons didn't seem to miss a platform-shoed step.

Both Kiss and Crue have headlined the fair before, in 2010 and 2005, respectively. As co-headliners, which of these golden oldies was better?

The sing-alongs were a tossup. Lee's drum kit roller coaster couldn't be beat. But Kiss had more creative visuals, no ballads (bravo!) and charged pacing. Heck, even Stanley's arms were better toned than Neil's, even though the Motley Crue singer is a decade younger.

If these two monsters of rock were rides on the Midway, Dr. Love (Kiss) was more exciting than Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue).
Aug 30 2012
Here's KISS with the Minnesota KISS Army at the SOLD OUT State Fair show in Minneapolis last night!

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSOnline
Aug 30 2012
Excerpts from a review by Sean Derrick.

Photo by Sean Derrick

The much anticipated combo tour of heavy metal icons Mötley Crüe and KISS made a stop Monday in St. Louis at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, playing to a packed house.

“The Tour”, as it is being called, is a co-headlining tour that is filled to excess from two bands that have nearly 70 years between them to show off. “The Tour” has anything and everything a solid rock show should have, and more.

With such a tough act to follow KISS was up to the challenge.

It’s hard to imagine why KISS has been passed up for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their career has spanned nearly 40 years, with 28 Gold Albums (more than any other American rock band), and they have influenced so many current artists including Metallica, Bon Jovi, Megadeth, Poison, Garth Brooks, and Mötley Crüe, among many, many others. It seems the RRHoF voters don’t take KISS seriously. But if they would actually see an entire KISS show they may think otherwise.

Making a grand entrance that started with a solid black curtain emblazoned with the KISS logo dropping with the iconic phrase “You wanted the best, you got the best…The hottest band in the world: KISS!” the band emerged on a platform lowered to the stage from the rafters as they stormed into “Detroit Rock City”.
Aug 30 2012
My 5 year old son is a HUGE KISS fan. He had his KISS themed birthday party back in April and he was able to experience his first (and hopefully not last) KISS concert last week in Concord. He felt like a rockstar walking around with the boots we made him for the show and the make up his sister put on him. The kids loved the concert and it was just as exciting to experience their first KISS concert with them, as it was for me seeing KISS for the first time about 32 years ago.

Joey Vela

Aug 29 2012

Check out the Demon walking down the street with music legend Bob Dylan in his new video for the song "Duquesne Whistle!"

Thanks to our friend Fabio from Deuce News for sending KISSOnline the sighting!
Aug 29 2012
Excerpts from J Boyd's review /

Monumental excess. I think those 2 words best describe "The Tour" featuring legendary rock acts KISS and Mötley Crüe which rolled into Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on Monday night for a co-headlining bill. The kings of rock pageantry combined forces for an unlikely tour this Summer and delivered all of the thrills, hits and pyro you would expect from bands with more than 60 combined years on the road. The crowd was a sea of painted KISS faces and Crüe t-shirts from the past 3 decades and from the opening notes, they were certainly ready for a rock show. And a big, loud rock show is what they most definitely received.

After a 30 minute intermission, it was time for the magic of KISS to take a St. Louis stage for the first time since 2004. As the band was shown on the screen making their way to the stage, the venue lost it. With the familiar announcement of "You Wanted the Best , YOU GOT THE BEST! The Hottest Band in the World — KISS!", the black curtain dropped and the classic rock titans descended from the ceiling and ripped into a blistering version of "Detroit Rock City" backed by huge lights, the trademark KISS logo on 2 story screens behind and big pyro. The energy didn't stop as Paul Stanley quipped "We're about to have a party! Make some noise you wild animals" before stepping in to the KISS classic "Shout It Out Loud" which saw fists in the air and rock horns a plenty.
Aug 29 2012
Hey guys,

Just a quick note to let you know what a great night my boy and I had yesterday at the show in Denver. I've lost count of all the KISS concerts I've been to over the years but last night was my 5 year old son's first and we will both remember it for the rest of our lives. When you first took the stage, he looked at me wide eyed and said, "Whoa Dad, KISS is so loud they shake the Earth - this is awesome!" It's nice to know that when I spend money to watch you live, I will always get my money's worth - and then some!

Derek and Dalton KISS fans for life!

Aug 29 2012
Excerpts from Jaime Lees' review / Riverfront Times

Photo by Todd Owyoung

I was not blessed (or cursed, really) with this scenario, but I did see something else of note: my very first Kiss show. The band members have been cultural icons for nearly 40 years, so I really have no excuse. And their face-painting styles are so iconic that it doesn't even really matter who is behind the makeup anymore, if you wear the star or the kitty whiskers, you're a proper member. More than a few people in the crowd rocked the Kiss gear, including some possibly coerced children.

The stage show is as big and loud and complicated as you could ever wish for, with pyrotechnics, moving pieces of stage floor, drooling/spitting blood, aerial lifts, a perch for Gene Simmons up in light rig scaffolding and a spinning platform for Paul Stanley out in the audience. (He used some sort of automated zip line to zoom there straight from the stage and it was my favorite part of the night.) Before tonight I already knew that Stanley was my favorite, but he reinforced that bias all night with his obvious love for the fans. He threw out guitar picks at every possible moment, waved at kids and made kissy faces at all of the ladies in the front rows. Dreamy.

The songs the band played were pretty predictable, and that's just as it should be. "Detroit Rock City," "Shout It Out Loud," "War Machine," "Lick It Up" and "Rock and Roll All Nite" all got huge responses and even the new single, "Hell or Hallelujah," was well received.

All in all it was a great first Kiss experience, but I think next time I'll go out on the lawn with the really real folks. That's where all of the fun was happening. I could see them from my seat near the front. It was a party back there. There were rivers of spilled beer and ladies on shoulders flashing their ta-tas. I gotta get in on that action.
Aug 28 2012
Here's KISS with the Missouri KISS Army at the packed Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in St. Louis last night!

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSOnline
Aug 28 2012
Here's KISS performing "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Strutter" at Sunday's BOK Center show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Filmed by Keith Leroux for KISSOnline
Aug 27 2012
Excerpted from a review by JENNIFER CHANCELLOR

Photos by MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

Sunday was a time warp filled with concert tees, Kiss character greasepaint, rock hands, air guitars and pleather pants. Everyone was a teenager again, if just for a night. Longtime glam and metal rockers Kiss and Mötley Crüe performed a double headline bill Sunday to a crowded house at the BOK Center.

The greeting's so well-known that the arena chants along with the band, "All right, Tulsa! You wanted the best and you've got the best, the hottest band in the world, Kiss!"

Just like their greeting, the band's show hasn't changed a whole lot over the decades. Scratch that - it's gotten even more bombastic and ridiculous and overblown. As is expected. Kiss is a time capsule, brimming with what makes American rock 'n' roll so influential. It's huge. It's an arena band.

A two-story-tall screen projected the band in high definition, rock gods in platform boots.

The set included a roster of classics: "Detroit Rock City," "Shout It Out Loud," "I Love It Loud," "Love Gun," "War Machine" and more. Mixed in was the new tune "Hell or Hallelujah," from their upcoming studio album, "Monster."

One other thing is fairly new, too. Simmons' wedding band.
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