KISS #1 – Comic Book Review

Written by Rick Austin / www.fortressofsolitude.co.za

Storyline: A
Artwork: A+

The rock band KISS have had a long history with comic books. Starring in them, they’ve hung out with Howard the Duck, the X-Men, Archie Andrews and more. Outside of them they made a film in which they were superheroes, and had their own blood mixed in with the ink at the Marvel printers… however, apparently it’s really only Gene Simmons in the band who’s a huge comic book fan. But what kind of comic book should fans expect from the rockers now?

Based on this first issue, a damn good one.

In an absolute switch from what anybody was probably imagining, the world above has been ravaged by wars and the human race’s capacity for self-destruction. In the subterranean city of Blackwell, over two million people – the last survivors of humanity – live in a society of order, presided over by the unseen elders. Four familiar symbols are everywhere: The Demon, The Catman, The Starchild and The Space Ace. Yet there’s dissent amongst some of the youth, in particular the twins Eran and Noa, who question why nobody may travel to the surface.

Acquiring a map which they believe may lead them out, and joined by their friends Adi and Alex, and discover that there’s more happening in their society than they ever could have imagined. Seeing images on the tunnel walls of four people wearing makeup depicting the symbols of their society, they explore further. Soon they find an agricultural area and a monastery containing an ancient computer, and soon the answers they seek will be revealed…

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