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KISS Kruisers ROCK Miami

Posted on 11/20/2015
What happened when two long-haired KISS fans met in Miami during KISS Kruise I. Living In Sin, thatís what Andy Moyen and I, (Jeff Hopkins) met at the Port of Miami just before the maiden voyage of The KISS Kruise. Even though we lived 3000 miles apart, we became good friends. What started out as a few of us hanging out at the pool at the Holiday Inn wearing Gene Simmons sunglasses, turned into something we never imagined. The Living in Sin Pre-Party at the Holiday Inn has been as awesome venue for KISS Kruisers to meet up, visit, listen to KISS tunes, win KISS items, and raise some money for charity. The response was overwhelming. The thank-youís, and the stories people shared with us made us feel proud to be able to be part of something that people really cared about. KKII Living in Sin I we raised 6026.82 for The Wounded Warrior Project. Over the last four years we have had significant people from the KISS world attend our parties. They have donated, taken pictures with fans, done questions and answers sessions, and had a great time talking with the fans. For KKIII LIS II we switched our charity to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We had our DJ spinning KISS tunes, and KISS fans from all over the world were there. What an awesome experience the last 4 years have been. KKIII LIS II we raised 7,165.98 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. KKIV LIS III we raised 6,850.70 and our LAST and FINAL LIS Party before KKV, we raised 8,277.23 We never had a clue how this was going to turn out. The total money raised for the 4 LIS parties is 28,320.23 THANK YOU to each and every one that donated, bought raffle tickets, and came to our party. Without you this awesome event would have never happened. Special thanks from Andy and I to The Holiday Inn at the Port of Miami, Denise Hopkins, Tina Malloy, Julie Frazier, Andrew DJNOIZ Rodriguez, Jim Madden and of course Lydia Criss.
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