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Happy Birthday Catman!

Posted on 06/05/2017

Dear Eric! I know it has been a while since your birthday but I would like to send a birthday card made by my daughter because I have promised her that it WILL reach you! :-) Dear KISS! Matylda (Polish version of Mathilda) is 6 years old and she fell in love with YOU after watching your awesome adventures with Scooby (Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery). She also loves your music. I am more like R&B, soul and dance music and my husband, who is a big rock and metal fan, was sometimes upset with the music I played home. Now he and Matylda make their own parties with rock music – of course including KISS! :-) Matylda doesn’t like Fred and she says that in HER world, Daphne is “in serious relationship” with Starchild. LOL! Anyway, when she found out about recent Catman’s birthday, she has prepared a card. She can’t read or write yet, so I wrote her the proper text and she redraw it – but cats are her own! And now she keeps on asking if You received it, so I hope now she will belive you did! :-) By the way, it is funny that during the time Matylda discovered KISS, you were close to us – we live in Poland and you had (great, as I heard! – as always!) concert in Germany. All the best KISS!!! Anna and Matylda

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