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Halloween 2017!

Our 2 and 4 year old are obsessed with KISS so that's who we went as for Halloween!! Their favourite songs are Detroit rock city and rock and roll all night! We saw a cover band and it was the best day of their lives. Hopefully we can see the real deal one day! - Jamie moore

Posted on 11/01/2017

KISSMass At The Kuehns 2017

Our First KissMass Tree..Been A Big Kiss Fan Since 75...We Just Got Married On Oct 10th And Started Decorating For The Season...Rock On Guys...Jerry Kuehn

Posted on 11/01/2017

Little Horse Rocker

My 9 year year old daughter Hannah absolutely loves Loss and is a big Gene Simmons fan! She had a Halloween horse show today and dressed as Gene and the Horse as Starchild! She won 3rd place in the contest! - Dena Wells

Posted on 10/29/2017

Attack of the Phantoms US 1-sheet

39 years ago tonight KISS Meets The Phantom was broadcast. I was just a kid at the time and can still remember wondering if I was watching monsters, musicians or superheroes. Turns out I was watching all three and have been ever since. Here's a shot of the poster for the US theatrical release that never happened. Hail to all the KISS fans that were minted that night! - C. Jay

Posted on 10/28/2017
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