Philadelphia dials Dr. Love and Gene Simmons makes a House Call

Written by Scott Johnson / http://rocktitan.tv
Photo by Tom Collins

The City of Brotherly Love hosted Wizard World Comic Con 2017 on Saturday June 3. What better way to draw out such a diverse array of personalities than invite “The Demon” Gene Simmons of KISS? Kicking off the weekend, the legendary Gene Simmons and his solo band project put on a special LIVE performance at The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia’s China Town district Friday evening. Fresh off a flight, direct from the UK, Simmons took a brief break from the KISS world tour to entertain legions of fans for what would be the last appearance on the east coast in 2017.

As The Troc quickly swelled to a maximum capacity, Philly’s own MACH22 opened up the night. It would seem that MACH22 is getting a significant amount of their own attention these days as they’ve been awarded the honor of opening for a number of world famous musicians. Next up would be your favorite band’s favorite band in Creem Circus. How to describe this motley crew? Goulash! These guys truly are a mixture of 70’s meets 80’s influences of rock and a fashion statement to boot. If nothing else they certainly are an entertaining act to watch. It was later divulged in their set that Creem Circus guitarist, Jim Cara, has been Gene’s Custom Bass maker for many years at Gene Simmons Axe Company. Having such connections certainly doesn’t hurt. The old adage “it’s all who you” know wasn’t just licked off the grass. No sooner would CC’s set end then the chants of “Gene Gene Gene Gene…” would consume the sound waves of the theatre.

So now the time had finally arrived for one of the most iconic musicians in the history of the world, Gene Simmons, to take the stage. This man may literally be the inventor of merchandising in the music industry. There is simply no parallel when it comes to the marketing genius of Simmons. KISS is certainly one of the most legendary bands of all time, and there can be no doubt that the fire breathing, blood spitting, demon with a reptilian like tongue is its architect.

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