Shout it out loud: Proud parents watch kids rock with KISS at the MCG

By Carolyn Webb / www.theage.com.au

It’s not every day that your seven-year-old son dances on stage with rock band Kiss in front of 100,000 people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Cuban Casem, 7, wearing the make-up and costume of the band’s Spaceman character, was cool about it and had a ball, rocking out to Rock and Roll All Nite at the MCG before the AFL grand final on Saturday.

Cuban’s mum, Carla Casem, said she was the emotional one, looking on from the sidelines.

“It was overwhelming. I was in tears most of the time,” she said.

Cuban, of Fraser Rise in Melbourne’s west, was one of four kids chosen to dance on stage with the famous American band as the crowd roared during the pre-game entertainment.

He said the best part was doing an air-guitar solo while standing “back-to-back” with lead guitarist Tommy Thayer.

Three of Cuban’s classmates from hip-hop dance school Kstar Studios in Ravenhall danced next to singer and bass player Gene Simmons, singer and guitarist Paul Stanley, and drummer Eric Singer.

Meanwhile, below them, 500 other children performed choreographed dance moves to the song.

The dancers, who were recruited from five Melbourne dance schools, rehearsed for weeks but were sworn to secrecy ahead of the game between Collingwood and the Brisbane Lions.

Carla said her son was nervous before the concert, but once he was out there, he was fine.

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Paul Stanley talks legacy, fire and dog collars ahead of last-ever Dubai gig

By Matthew Baxter-Priest / Esquire Middle East

Everybody has a KISS story. The first time they saw the band live, the first time they heard the band play, the urban legend of their wild tour stories – KISS are the quintessential rock band, and have been so for the past 50 years. Now coming to Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on October 13, 2023 – they are nearing to the end of their last ever tour: ‘End Of The Road‘, lead guitarist Paul “Starchild” Stanley dives deep in the stories behind the myths, revealing what he’s learned as a pivotal part of one of the biggest bands in history.

We’ve been on our final ‘End of the Road Tour’ for years now. Covid interrupted it all, so we actually should have been done a few years ago, but it’s been fantastic to continue touring and playing live. Although now it’s getting mighty close to the actual end of it—our final ever show in December in New York.

There was never a temptation to call the tour off after COVID. It wouldn’t have been fair to the fans, or us, because we still love touring. It’s getting mighty close to the night where we finally say goodbye—it’s really gonna be over.

KISS are looked up to as superheroes. People keep telling me, “oh you’ll go back out on tour again,” and the real truth is no, we wont. I think when people are saying that, they are really just saying: “Please go back out”

Our final show is a spectacular one. Is this the biggest show we’ve ever done? Yeah. Is it the best show we’ve ever done? Yeah. We know what we’re doing, and we’re going out with our fists up in the air. It’s a victory lap at the Olympics.

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Review: KISS thrilled the 100,000 strong crowd

American Rock & Roll Hall of Famers KISS have thrilled the 100,000 strong crowd at the MCG with a brilliant performance ahead of the AFL Grand Final.

By Jack Mahony / www.skynews.com.au

Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

American Rock & Roll Hall of Famers KISS have thrilled the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a brilliant performance ahead of the AFL Grand Final.

The worldwide superstars were a late inclusion to the AFL’s biggest day being announced after Crowded House pulled out just under two months out from the event.

Dressed in their trademark outfits and face paint KISS rocked the MCG performing their hits I Was Made For Lovin’ You and Rock And Roll All Nite to a crowd of around 100,000.

Fans immediately took to social media to applaud the AFL for their choice of act.

“Best Grand Final entertainment ever,” one fan wrote on X.

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On this day in KISSTORY - October 1, 1992 - We opened our North American Revenge arena Tour at Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This was Eric Singer's first US arena show with KISS.



On this day in KISSTORY - September 30, 1984 - We opened the Animalize Tour in Brighton, England with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar. Kulick, who was filling in for the ill Mark St. John, became an official member of the band on December 8, 1984.

Here's a clip of KISS performing " Black Diamond" at Cobo Hall during the US leg of the Animalize Tour.


THE PROJECT - Australia

Rock & roll superheroes KISS are in Australia for their last-ever tour and to play at the AFL Grand Final and they tell us just how sacred their make-up is to them.


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