KISS Race Car in Sweden

This cool KISS Rock And Roll Over car was painted by Marcus Bjork Tollbom & will be driven by Mackan EK in a race in Sweden today.

KISS sets fire to the bullring (literally)

Explosions, vomiting blood, flaming swords, guitars that shot fire, and musicians flying across the stage confirm that this US band, one of the most charismatic of the last 45 years, is still in full form

By Alfonso Alba / http://cordopolis.es
Excerpt translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

At 1:00 o'clock in the morning, when the last chord of Rock and Rock all Nite was still echoing in the bullring, Ciudad Jardín was covered in darkness and fluttering paper. A few minutes before, the bullring in Córdoba had been burned, literally, by a visual and musical spectacle unheard of in this city.

The fireworks, the explosions, and thousands of small pieces of paper blown with fury into the Cordovan sky had been the culmination of the concert of one of those few, legendary bands that still tour the world without backup recordings, without assistance, and without feeling forced. After a 45 year, career, KISS is still authentic. It's a real show. Live music surrounded by explosions, guitarists flying through the air and swords on fire. Glam metal and capitalism. Oh, KISS.

KISS arrived in Córdoba with great expectations. The American band with the most gold records (yes, they have scary numbers of them) landed in the city of Calipha on a hot July 12th. The heat of the flames that raged on the stage could be felt and appreciated every time they spread over the full bullring.

The gigantic spectacle of KISS was bigger than the bullring itself (which is not small, exactly.) Some fans unsuccessfully searched for tickets at the box office, but the show was sold out.  They could listen to KISS from outside (or practically from any point of the city), but outside, they would not see this unique, hypnotic show, which kept the fans standing where they were for close to two hours. No one wanted to be penalized for going for a beer or the bathroom in case they missed something: an explosion, a musician flying through the air, a guitar spitting fireworks.

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