Eric Singer’s Revenge: Two Decades on with the Hottest Band in the World

Interview taken from the Official KISS magazine #2

By Keith Leroux and Jill Cataldo

For more than 20 years, Eric Singer has been the powerhouse behind the KISS drum kit. Eric’s dynamic drum style and prominent vocal abilities are both integral parts of KISS’ sound and stage presence. Here, Eric discusses his early years with KISS, life on tour, and, of course, his love of watches.

KISS: Today is April 23rd, and to the day, it’s the 26th anniversary of your first year in KISS. Tell us about your memories of joining the band in the early 90s.

Eric Singer: There was a lot of anticipation from fans, because after Eric Carr passed away, everyone wondered “What’s KISS going to do now? How will they deal with this new guy? The drummer’s got blonde hair!”  The bottom line is that in any area of life, anytime there’s change, there’s always apprehension – especially for KISS fans facing the prospect of their favorite band having a new member.

When I went in to rehearse with KISS, I had a lipstick-red drum kit. I’d had KISS drum heads made up that were chrome with a black logo and a red pinstripe around the logo. I thought it looked really cool, and I love details like that. Everyone came in to rehearse, and I said to Paul, “How do you like my kit?”

Paul said, “The logo’s wrong.”

I felt deflated – like the air went right out of a balloon. Paul then explained to me how the KISS letter S’s were supposed to look, as they’re slightly asymmetrical. I’ve since told people if you want to get a better perspective on this, take any KISS logo and turn it upside down. You’ll see how the bottoms of the two S’s go in different directions to emulate lightning bolts.


Dynamite Signs Bryan Hill To Launch New KISS Ongoing Series


Dynamite is thrilled to announce a new comic book series featuring the hottest band in the land, KISS! Writer Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics, Postal) and artist Rodney Buchemi (Death of Hawkman) crank the volume high as they bring you the KISS series we have all been waiting for this October!

In KISS: Blood and Stardust, an immortal cabal is taking the lives of innocents and the only ones who can stop them are KISS! The only problem…they are dead. And now they have to make a deal with a demon to save their souls and return to Earth to fight evil!

"KISS was the soundtrack of a time in my life where I had tons of ambition and few rules. Endless nights in dive bars in New York City, watching sunrises on the rooftops of Brooklyn. I might have discovered them in the aughts, but I was filled with the spirit of the 70's,” remarked author Bryan Hill. “The 1970's was a special decade, a decade of fame and magic where guitar riffs and drum solos were your co-pilots and the devil MAY have cared, but he couldn't stop your shine.

“As one of rock's most celebrated bands, KISS continues to be a staple in the comic book industry,” said Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. “Bryan Hill has really built a name for himself, so we’re thrilled to have him penning KISS: Blood & Stardust as part of our fall lineup.”


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