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Dressed To Kill Shoes

Just wanted to show off these custom made Dressed To Kill shoes that a good friend of mine made and surprised me with for my upcoming birthday. - Scott Carr

Posted on 07/18/2018

KISS in Madrid, July 2018

Hey all, This is Elad from Israel. After 40 years...a dream come true, saw KISS in Madrid on July 8. Won't wait another 40 years for the next time. Here's the framed collage i prepared from photos i took - also caught a guitar pick thrown by Tommy to the audience, it is in the frame...what a great souvenir from a great concert! - Elad Naggar

Posted on 07/18/2018

KISS in Lisbon

What a great way to finish our Holiday in Portugal with a KISS-Concert ;-) Please come back to Europe a.s.a.p. - Burkhard Zöllner

Posted on 07/18/2018

KISS is everywhere!

Yesterday I went to Bospop, a festival in the Netherlands a saw the band Live perform. I'm a huge KISS and have been for the last 40 years. I was great to see Chad Taylor of Live wear a KISS t-shirt. Kiss literally is everywhere! Greetings, Ruud

Posted on 07/18/2018


Just have fun making my artwork, here i just made a kind of Crazy Nights solos 1978, i hope you enjoy!! - Wladimir Vilas Boas

Posted on 07/18/2018

Atlantic City Hard Rock Cafe Costumes

Hi Guys, I was in Atlantic City last week for the opening of the new Hard Rock Casino and the first thing I ran into were the four Destroyer era costumes from the Psycho Circus/ Farewell Tour. Was great to get to see them up close, so much detail and history, was a highlight of my trip! -Kevin Hackney

Posted on 07/14/2018

KISS Dynasty life size bust

These bust were made by my personal friend Tim Frentzos done exclusive and I want to share them with you and the fan rock on 𼤘𼬽KISS forever - Miguel Ostolaza Torres

Posted on 07/14/2018


Just come back from Madrid. It was my 9th KISS concert since the first one in 1983, Paris, where I come from. This time, it was with my two best friends. They love rock n roll but never saw KISS in concert, so I wanted to share this experience with them and offered the travel and tickets for Christmas. They weren't even born in 83. Once again, it was awsome, and KISS made two more victims. How can you see an other band after KISS? We wanted the best, we've got the best ! GREG, from Paris, France.

Posted on 07/13/2018
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