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KISS friends forever!

We have all been KISS fans for decades and after all these years, with our lives all moving in different directions, we were able to all get on the same page and attend the Raleigh show. MAN, was it worth the wait!! I was fortunate to attend 6 different shows over the last 40 something years and this one, by far was the best! ! I was convinced that was an impossible feat, but thank God, you proved me wrong! Being with all of my high school friends made it even better.The show was so great that we will be attending the Charlotte show too! Thanks for making the tickets so affordable also. I would like to sincerely thank you, Gene. Paul, Tommy, Eric, (Ace & Peter). for all of your hard work over the years, for standing up for your country, never giving in and living the Rock & Roll dream! YOU, sirs, will be greatly missed! Thanks for the great memories <3 Beth Coker

Posted on 04/20/2019

April 14 2015

Waiting for the KISS show with my childrens . MOVISTAR ARENA Santiago Chile . KISS i love you and Will loving you FOREVER ! Andrea Tranchino .

Posted on 04/20/2019

KISS (THBITW) rocked Birmingham AL

Enjoyed another show with my aunt and cousin at Legacy Arena - Birmingham, AL! On the way to my car after the show, spotted the winners of the David Garibaldi art tonight! The kid couldn?€™t stop smiling (first KISS maybe?) and his dad could not have been more proud! Congrats to them! R&RAN&PED! - Gannon Morgan

Posted on 04/20/2019

Sherry and Jessica at Jessica's first KISS show!

Dear KISS, the hottest band in the world, My name is Jessica White and my mom Sherry Barnes and I went to your show in Nashville, TN on your End of the Road tour. I've been trying to think of what to write for almost week now but the only thing I can say is; I'm speechless. I've been a fan for about 10 years now and my mom has been a fan for over 30 years and no amount of preparation could have primed me for the most awe-inspiring event of the century. If you would have told me last year that the night of April 9, 2019 in Nashville, TN would be the greatest night of my life then I would have said ?€?Really??€?, not knowing that your stop in Nashville TN would have such an impact on my life, to ruin all other shows for me, to be the greatest night ever! You truly are the greatest, hottest, most amazing band in the world! You are so generous to do one last tour for all of your dedicated fans. That night was my first ever KISS show and it was my mom?€™s 3rd time seeing you guys and even she said it was the greatest show you have ever put on! And you even played our favorite songs! Hers is ?€?Beth?€? and mine is ?€? I was made for loving you?€? and Paul even came on the little stage in the crowd and was literally 15 ft away from me and it was the most magical night of my life and I still can?€™t believe that it happened. And you all looked so amazing! All of the lasers and special effects were so cool! I?€™ve never in my life seen anything like it. And I could feel the heat of the flames all the way from my seat and everyone was singing and dancing it was like we were all one big happy rock and roll family. I know I?€™m not an award winning song writer or in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. But I sincerely hope you know how much your show meant to me. Even though that the show was my first and most likely last KISS show I know that I?€™ll always remember my first KISS (show). I wanted to say thank you for going on tour one last time. Thank you putting forth all of your time and effort on your tour. Thank you for caring so much about your fans. Thank you for proving once and for all that you?€™re the greatest rock and rollers this world has ever and will ever see. Thank you for giving my mom and me something to remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for coming to Nashville, I know it meant the world to me and the rest of the KISS army. And thank you for being a light shining in the darkness and changing my life. I wish you and your families all of the health and happiness in the world. With all my love, Jessica White Age 25 Nashville, TN

Posted on 04/20/2019
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