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KISS Tickets Germany

Here are some of my Kiss tickets from a time, when you got real tickets and not the computer stuff. My first show was in Cologne 1980 with special guest Iron Maiden. 1983 in Offenbach Kiss came with special guest Helix and in Dåsseldorf 1984 it was Bon Jovi. My number one ticket is the one from the unmasked-show in Cologne, because it was the first time when I saw my heroes. Please give us another 100 shows and come back to Germany in 2023. I want to show my 14 years old daughter why her father love this band so much. Keep on rockin' KISS! - Wilhelm Eric Berwanger

Posted on 10/05/2022

Ace tattoo

My Ace Frehley tattoo. I finally decided to do it and I'm very happy about it. - Eric Vial
Posted on 10/04/2022

Meeting KISS Melbourne Australia night 1 2022 as creatures era M

It was a dream come true that night I just wish I could have spoken to them I knew they were coming out since my 16th birthday so I buckled down and made my costume myself besides for the choker and boots and did my makeup myself as well and got to meet doc and shake hands with him and made eye contact with Mr Stanley and Mr Simmons during soundcheck and the show with my sign I made about Mr Carr - Eric Jarrett 

Posted on 10/03/2022

My KISS T Shirt and my Ace Space Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Hi there KISS my Name is Jessica Brown I'm 28 year old with Autism I am a Huge Fan I am from Richmond Virginia I have watched you in TV and on the Internet when I was growing up still listen to your Music I even watch the Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E with my mom when I was 10 or 12 years old my Dad is a friend to Ace Frehley I have even have his Signature Guitar Stay Safe and keep rocking Remember you're never to old to Rock And Roll All Nite and Party Everyday Jessica Brown

Posted on 10/03/2022


We are 4 guys from Mexico City united by the love of KISS. Beyond being a tribute band, we want to continue sharing the music of the hottest band in the world with new generations. We are waiting for you guys in Mexico! Dynasty : Alex,Mark,Waldo & Tony

Posted on 10/03/2022
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