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Flashback Friday 2019

This was my second KISS concert in Tampa, Florida. My first VIP/Meet & Greet and it was one of the best nights I ever had in my life. I really loved and enjoyed the concert. A memory I will always cherish and never ever forget. KISS ARMY GIRL FOR LIFE!!! - Ashley Emalfarb
Posted on 05/31/2020


WOW! We just scored the hugest of KISS collectibles, this "one off" vinyl billboard that stood above the Gold Coast Hwy here in Australia advertising KISS' final concert of the Farewell Tour on April 13th 2001 which was also Ace's last ever concert with KISS. ( Alice Cooper played the following night) - Brett and Donna Bartlett
Posted on 05/31/2020

The Demon

Hey guys. I've been a fan since 1976. I'm 53 years old now and KISS is still a big part of my life and who I am. KISS will never die. It's like you guys are truly superheroes. Anyway, here's my art of Gene being Gene. Enjoy! Eric Torres
Posted on 05/31/2020

Gene Simmons

Here's a 38"x 56" acrylic painting of Gene Simmons I finished a few weeks ago! - Richard Sester
Posted on 05/29/2020

KISS Memory 2019

My recreation of a famous photo in KISSTORY. I made this special visit to a Kyoto temple as part of my recent trip to see KISS on tour in Japan, December 2019. - Richard Goad

Posted on 05/29/2020

Dorian playing the drums with KISS

KISS, I?€™m only 5 but I am a huge KISS fan! In August 2019, My parents took me to see KISS play at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater. We painted our faces and had the best time rocking out with you! My two year old brother had become a huge KISS fan too and he sings all your songs with me! We are proud members of the KISS Army now and always! Love, Dorian (age:5) and Nolan (age:2) Laboy

Posted on 05/29/2020

KISS room 1998

Good times. I came across this cool picture from 1998 time frame. It was taken on Bolling AFB, Washington DC. Probably the only KISS room ever on base housing! I really love collecting posters and toys although the reality is everything KISS! I started collecting KISS memorabilia when I was 13 years old and went to my first show in 1984, Animalize tour at the Spectrum in Philly, PA. To date, I've been to 75 shows and have tickets for the Covid-19 postponed shows in Lafayette, LA and Biloxi, MS...can't wait. I love the build-up of energy as a show nears. Being around all the long time fans and surprisingly the new fans attending their first show. It's just so cool sharing stories and making memories. A right of passage for sure. We will all see each other soon...I know it! Joe Dwyer - San Antonio, Texas

Posted on 05/29/2020
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