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10 years of The Hottest Show on Earth

Hi KISS and fellow KISS Army, I wanted to share with you this photo of my family, taken exactly ten years ago at the Hottest Show on Earth Tour show in Monterrey, Mexico. We also did this back in 2004 and can't wait to do it again once the End of the Road Tour restarts. KISS families rock! Roberto Ibarra
Posted on 09/30/2020

Original KISS Pinball Machine -My Highest Score

Had my KISS Pinball recently serviced and repaired. This is my new highest score. Woo Hoo! Have owned it since 1987, and was luck enough to have Gene and Paul sign the backglass at the Sydney KISS Convention in 1995. A treasured item in my Collection. Anthony Sheridan
Posted on 09/30/2020

KISS`s wall

Hi, KISS Army! Wanna share with u this amazing art! Really love this graffiti! - Anastasia
Posted on 09/28/2020

Original KISS Pinball Machine

I brought my Kiss Pinny back in 1987, serial no. EKI10006. Had both Gene and Paul autograph the backglass at the Sydney Kiss Convention in 1995. Although Battle scared with chipped Ace and Gene bumpers, the cabinet is not as bright as it could be. Also the machine backglass is different or unique as it has tape running across the bottom and is very dull in colour. But the playing field is in excellent condition. Also recently be serviced snd had new bulbs and runbers replaced and electronics checked over. It still plays amazingly well. It is the number 1 treasured item in my Kiss Collection. Anthony Sheridan
Posted on 09/28/2020


6 and 8 year olds performing live mini tribute to KISS! - Jenny Loroña
Posted on 09/28/2020

Camping with the BOYS in the Canadian Rockies !!!!

Nothin better than chilling in The CANADIAN Rockies KISS camping with the Hottest Band in the WORLD! EH??? When we all get back to (Normal) - Covid 19 kiss my a** goodbye, our friends in the great U.S.A. you have to come north and visit us ! We miss you ! Gene was up here in Whistler B.C. last month rockin check it out on Youtube. All the best to THE WORLD of KISS (and everyone else on Earth) be safe be smart stay healthy ! KISS is LIFE !!!!! Dave Landels
Posted on 09/27/2020
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