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Best. Day. Ever!

On June 10th I got to meet Gene at The Vault Experience in Charlotte and compared tongues-naturally he won! But I got a chance to tell him how much the band has meant to me and how they have influenced me! The event was priceless and something I'll never forget!! Thank you God of Thunder! - Alan Morris

Posted on 06/14/2018

Little demon

Hello, my son Francesco he goes crazy for the KISS songs. He is a little big fan of demons and co. A kiss from Italy - Giuseppe Pavin

Posted on 06/14/2018

Paul Stanley Scribble Art

Hey guys, As a massive KISS and Paul Stanley fan, I thought I'd share this piece of work I recently created. Trying out a new scribble technique/style of drawing I thought who better to poetry than the legendry Star Child. Rest of the band to possibly follow. Hope you like :) Thanks Heather Davidso (aka Roxy Reeves)

Posted on 06/14/2018


This is the brand new KISS KRUISE 7 video recap by Jata Live Experiences! Hope you will like it ! Share it on kissonline if you don' t mind ! Yours... - THIERRY AGAR

Posted on 06/14/2018
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