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KISS Revenge

The latest drawing in my series Kiss lineup marker/ink portraits. Thanks KISS for the memories Chris Hoffman

Posted on 01/19/2019

Me in 1977

Hi I first saw you guys when I was 9 on the Love Gun tour at the LA Forum, I still have my I was There Button, I have been to several shows since... all line ups, I want to go one last time so I can remember my Favorite band Kick Butt One Last Time, I'm also taking my roommate Christi who is 59 & use to teach elementary school it will be her first time, we are going to Portland Moda Center! P.S. I hope there will be a way former members can be included at some point. Peace! - Walter Ruether

Posted on 01/19/2019

Getting in gear for KISS

This road started for me in 1977 at age 12. Just turned 54 and KISS has been there for me my entire life! 32 shows and counting- probably will catch them three times on their END OF THE ROAD TOUR! Got to meet them a few years back and Paul was especially gracious towards me! When I thanked him for all the great years of rock n roll- he told me he should be the one thanking me! And that because of me and a million others- he got to live his life?€™s dream! He also hit me with a spotlight ( I was up front and in full gear) at his LIVE TO WIN show in SF!!!! THANK YOU PAUL! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! THANK YOU!!!! - Todd Opray

Posted on 01/19/2019

Went I met Tommy Thayer

Hi I want to know if kiss is going to to Winnipeg on this tour Winnipeg wants to see the end of the road tour please and thank you - vincent mancini

Posted on 01/19/2019


My 6 year daughter Olivia had a kindergarten assignment tonight called "My Silly Hat". With the help of her 8 year brother Nickolas they came up with a KISS Army Hat fit for the Demon, Starchild,Spaceman and Catman. We are all set for the show in March in Pittsburgh. Thanks to my wife we have tickets as well as a brand new Demon Waffle Maker (XMAS presents). I got my first KISS album (Destroyer) in 1978 when I was 7 and here I am 40 years later going to see you guys close it out with my 8 year old son. His first concert. His favorite song is Detroit Rock City. Thanks guys!!!!! - Steven Matias

Posted on 01/19/2019

Thank you!

Ready for 7 shows, Las Vegas, LA, Nassau Coliseum, MSG(captains meet and greet!), Mohegan Sun, Philly and Prudential Center, SO FAR! Thank you for close to 50 years of memories, fun and the greatest music and show, and for this one last bittersweet tour! - Robert Del Presto

Posted on 01/19/2019


I'm ready to fly from Paris (France) to New York to see you at the MSG with my new Rock n Roll Over tee and my Paul Stanley designed sneakers. I can't wait ! I have to choose : see KISS in Europe and buy a VIP ticket, or fly to New York, where all began, and invite my two best friends to show them what is a KISS concert with three regular tickets and three airline tickets. But I don't regret. When you love someone, you've got to share your passion. See you next March. GREG ROURE

Posted on 01/18/2019
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