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Gene Fanart!

First vector illustration, I am really happy about this one, I may do the rest of the members soon :3 Lots of love from Mexico :3 - Michelle Hernandez 

Posted on 05/07/2023

Animalize Soundboard

Thanks KISS for releasing these awesome Soundboards!! I'm really loving the new one with the late great Mark St John! Keep them coming!! Robert Brodsky Jr
Posted on 04/12/2023

KISS in Bogotá 2022

KISS in Bogot÷ was one of the greatest days of my life, my father and I still talk about that concert, it was the best concert of our lifes, thaks for everything KISS...I hope I can see you at Monsters Of Rock at April 15th ;) You want the best? You have the best. The hottest band on the world...KISS Mariana Valencia Perez
Posted on 04/12/2023

KISS on brazilian TV today

Today the KISS Cover Destroyer from Brazil will playing in Brazilian Open Channel "TV Bandeirantes" in Fausto Silva program at 20:30 PM. Take it Or Leave It. - Rodrigo Luis Dippold
Posted on 04/12/2023
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