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1000 piece KISS puzzle

Hey.I really love you guys and your music. You guys are amazing and awesome. So I decided to send you my Kiss puzzle that I did. - Mary

Posted on 06/02/2020

On our way to the Toronto concert

We love KISS! My husband and I grew up with KISS, so it's not a coincidence that we would get our kids loving KISS too. In fact, one of our official wedding songs was I WAS Made for Loving You. KISS is my 8 year old's go to songs listening to musci in the car...he's obsessed! We got all dressed up the concert, and had the BEST time at their last Toronto concert on March 20 2019. KISS forever!!! - Claire Biafore

Posted on 06/02/2020


This is me at universal studios representing the KISS Army. - Carlos Medrano

Posted on 06/02/2020

KISS fan since 2 years old

Our son is a huge KISS fan since he was 2 years old! We had this Kiss themed family costume for Halloween when he was 3 years old. This year we had bought tickets for the End if the Road Tour (In São Paulo, Brazil), but now we will have to wait until we have a COVID-19 vaccine to have Kids coming to Brazil! ⻤︬ - Fernanda Pimentel

Posted on 06/02/2020

Chalk faced god's amongst us

I am a vocalist and a huge KISS fan. I insisted on dressing up as star child on Halloween in college. That was fun! I want to fangirl a little and proclaim my love for you!!! I am from India, and I get looks from the general people for liking classic rock! Anyhoo, I love y'all! - Ritu Singh

Posted on 06/02/2020
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