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KISS is Everywhere!

Today, the current issue of BURRN hit the stands with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on the cover. Just spotted it out at the local book store in my area in Japan. Exclusive interview with KISS and more. Purchased it. Yeah! - Naoki

Posted on 02/05/2024

Commemorative KISS Display

Dear KISS, This display was created to immortalize the best night of my life! Every part of this display was taken from the Edmonton Kiss concert, from the confetti background and the shiny streamer bow, to the lanyard and guitar picks; and I wanted to create something to keep it all together. Each memory that is tied to the components of this display holds a special place in my heart and serves as a permanent reminder of the night I met the hottest band in the world, KISS! Thank you for giving me the chance to fulfill my lifelong dream! - Caylie Klooster

Posted on 01/23/2024

Watercolor Paintings

Still buzzing from your Copenhagen show in 2022! Here's a painting inspired by the unforgettable night. Thanks for the kick-ass memories! Love you - Silja Hansen

Posted on 01/23/2024

Final KISS Show EVER!

Here I am witnessing the last KISS show EVER via PPV! It was a very emotional and bittersweet night! KISS is my life! Thank you guys for everything you have contributed for the last fifty years! I love and miss you guys so much! - Joseph Hough

Posted on 01/01/2024

KISS Banner

I ADORE KISS,i also play that KISS is at my house.I also have a KISS BANNER 2 KISS t-shirts.I dressed as STAR-CHILD for Halloween.Last night i had a KISS dream with Paul Stanley, Gene Simons,and Peter Cris. I have KISS destroyer. My favorite songs are I was made for loving you and Detroit rock city and i am learning to play loving you and Detroit rock city. Liv, 8 years old.

Posted on 01/01/2024
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