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Tattoo of gene

Really wanted to share my tattoo of gene i got last year 𼤼 can't wait to get the rest of the band! Happy new year to you all 𼤼 - Chris Hoad
Posted on 01/06/2021


I wanted to share my awesome tattoo portrait of Paul, my hereo, my idol, l'Amour de ma vie Amazing work by the French tattoo artist Manu Badet - Poupoune Veline
Posted on 01/03/2021


This spectacle was beyond on point New Year?€™s Eve as the trailblazers continued to raise the bar to stratospheric new heights! I couldn;t resist getting dressed up for the event in my new Officially Licensed KISS Replicas armor, even though my wife and kid were the only ones to see it in-person. Once again, they shut the nay-sayers down and did it true KISS fashion. GOD BLESS ROCK N ROLL AND GOD BLESS KISS! - Bill France
Posted on 01/03/2021


My friend and my mom and me(in the middle) I did all of our makeup Unfortunately my dad had to work, he was the one who got me obsessed with kiss when I was little, he will watch it later though! - Cecelia Davis
Posted on 01/03/2021
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