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October 31st, 2007

I just wanted to share an old memory from Halloween when I was 5. I've been a lifelong KISS fan and I'm still going. KISS inspired me to start playing drums and guitar. I'm grateful for everything KISS has done for Rock and Roll. You guys were my favorite band, my first concert, my inspiration for music. Thank you guys for 45+ years of music. - Jon Bock

Posted on 09/27/2018

KISS Kruise Luggage Tags

My wife and I missed the inaugural KISS Kruise but have been fortunate to be on all since. We have made new friends from all over the world and are looking forward to October 31st for KISS Kruise VIII. - Tom & Rita Mady

Posted on 09/26/2018

KISS are Awesome

Hello KISS, I am going to miss you when you retire you have done an awesome Job with everything together I am glad to be a fan of yours i will have lots of memories of you doing concerts can't wait to see you when you come to Australia thanks again kind regards - Rhiannon Smith

Posted on 09/24/2018

Making a dream come true

My youngest daughter has always loved KISS. When Gene Simmons and his band came to town, I made us some costumes (Gene would have competed the band) and we got dressed up for the concert. It was an amazing night! It would make her dreams come true to see the whole band on the world tour and hopefully meet them this time. Memories are made of times like this! - Jo Galea

Posted on 09/24/2018

6-7 year old

Hi my name is Rebecca and I love u all band i haven't seen u in person before but I have seen u all on tv and movies and i listen to u all songs and they are amazing and I been listening to u alls song since i was little without my aunt and uncle knowing - Rebecca Noel Moore

Posted on 09/24/2018

KISS forever

Hi Everybody !! Now at the Age of 45 I got my first Tattoo. After more than 30 Years of beeing a Kiss fan , I painted on my Skin forever. See you on Different Tours ; and Gene , you were brilliant in Austria 2018 !!! Looking forward to see you Live on the last Tour. For me and shure for many other Kiss Fans around the World a Chapter comes to an End. You will always be my Number 1 !!! Cheers Erwin Hauer (Austria).

Posted on 09/23/2018

My daughter's drawing

Knowing what a huge KISS fan I am, my daughter Chloe offered me this drawing of hers for my birthday - Jean-Pierre Straub

Posted on 09/23/2018

One more time please?

Dear KISS. I heard about the upcoming farewell tour and just had to send a letter. I know there are lots of fans that want you to go to their town one more time before you retire and i know you can't go to all of them, but i had to get on here and ask...beg you to come to Spokane Wa once more if you can. If you can't i completely understand, but i would love to see you guys live again and meet you before you are done. Thank you sooo much for all the years of music, inspiration and fun. Long live the kings of rock. - Leroy Powell

Posted on 09/23/2018

This right here is why your my 5yr olds favorite band!

After my son watch Scooby Doo and kiss, My 5 year old son told my father that, that is a band he would want to see, and wished they were real, my father told him Kiss was a real band and that it was one of his favorite all time bands, let's just say he is SO excited to know you guys are a real band, and from that moment on KISS became his favorite bad. We listen to a kiss song at least 2 times a day! He says one day soon he will go see you guys! He's going to work really hard, and earn lots of money so he can take papa to the Kiss concert with him. I have never seen a 5 year old so dedicated to saving money to not only raise money for himself, but also to take his papa with him! 𼘩 That's my rocker boy!! - Jessica Abrahamson

Posted on 09/23/2018
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