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Gene Tattoo

I met Gene at a Vault Experience in 2019. He autographed my back and I had it tattooed on the next day. This week I finished it off with this custom Gene portrait tattoo to go with the signature. #KISSforever Randy M. from Washington DC (Note: if this is posted could you please not use my full last name but Randy M. instead. Thanks!)
Posted on 10/13/2020

Gene Veteran Autograph Tattoo

Gene signed my back with a sharpie after the Nashville 2019 show. I thanked him and KISS for all their support to vets. I'm a USMC combat vet. Gene was so grateful and thoughtful he customized the autograph with the Marine motto "Semper Fi." I had it tattooed on the next day. One of a kind, thanks Gene! And thanks to all vets! Randy M Washington DC
Posted on 10/13/2020
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