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Merry KISSmas Cake.

Hello KISS! I am Balazs from Hungary. This is my Merry Kissmas cake, what I've got from mí family. This cake was made by Pixie Pie. - Balazs Korompay

Posted on 12/25/2023

KISS Fanart

Not too long ago I decided to draw my own style/version of the Destroyer Album, and man, it took at least 22 hours to finish all of it. Other than that, there's no words to describe how much KISS has inspired me and got me out of the hard times. (Especially now) - Resie Reppuhn

Posted on 12/19/2023


I know you said this is a new era for kiss You're going to have virtual video but kiss you live on on stage need to find My people that sound like you and have them leave the band and to the new era too - Crissom Lee Nash

Posted on 12/19/2023

I made a KISS logo for my tree

I have many many many posters currently (That I have made) I made a picture for my tree too! I plan on getting official posters soon, I've been a fan for 10 years currently, I'm part of the younger generation of KISS fans! - John Edwards

Posted on 12/19/2023
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