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1977 San Francisco Cow Palace Show

5 of us waited in line all day to attend the August 16, 1977 show in San Francisco. One of my buddies created the large poster. Great show! And someone stole the poster after the concert, which we thought was a compliment. This was the same day Elvis died and I still remember to this day Paul dedicating Rock and Roll All Night to his memory. Not sure who took the photo. -Joe Lorenz
Posted on 11/11/2021

KISS January 8,1978 Richfield Coliseum 3rd row

Here is a photo of KISS, my bother took, It was my first concert and I was 11 years old. There was a blizzard here in Cleveland and the show started very late, I believe the band spent the night at the venue. I also got a pick from Gene. - James Klinger
Posted on 11/11/2021

Halloween 1983

Halloween 1983, last year of hight school, I'm 17 years old, I saw KISS at the Montreal Forum twice, my room is full of KISS posters an albums, I'm crazy about them and still love them at 55 years old and went to see them in their last show in Montreal - France Meilleur
Posted on 11/11/2021

In my room around 1980.

This was taken in my room around 1980. I would have been 8 years old. I had been to the Mid South Fair, and they had someone painting faces so I begged my parents to let them paint Ace on me. I think I wore that makeup for 3 days. My first album I ever got was Alive! when I was 5 and I have been hooked on Kiss ever since. - Jim Morgan
Posted on 11/11/2021

KISS nails by Sonia E

Hey, me and my family love your music! My friends mom make her KISS nails and she also loves your music. I really hope yall see this, it will make her SO happy. -Stacy
Posted on 11/09/2021

KISS- Nails

This is a nail design that i made myself i hope you like it, i'm learning little by little - Angie Carolina Gil Aroca
Posted on 11/09/2021

Work Family KISS

My son, Anakin, knew last year (2020) that he wanted to dress up as KISS. He LOVES this band! So we came together as a family, and made it happen! Steve Work
Posted on 11/09/2021

Keeping KISS All in the Family

Sofia and Eliana went trick or treating as Paul and Tommy, while Big Sister put on Gene's makeup and Mom put on Eric's in solidarity. We were such a big hit that the girls were given extra candy at some of the houses they visited. - Beth Pires
Posted on 11/09/2021
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