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My KISS Wall

I was lucky enough to get something signed by all 4 original members (Tommy and Eric too) - JT Bosch
Posted on 10/12/2020

KISS family at its finest!

Please feature our pic of the most amazing night any of us has known. Ive been to 8 KISS shows but the end of the road show blew my mind! Best night of my life - Ellen Smile
Posted on 10/10/2020


My 8 year old has been a huge fan of KISS since he was little. He asks me to do his makeup like Gene Simmons almost once a week. He plays the drums too, so other times he pretends he is Peter Criss. I have tons of photos. Hope you can post one of them on your Instagram account. He would be thrilled!!! Thanks!!! Gaby Motilla
Posted on 10/10/2020

My Family and KISS Go Hand and Hand

Since I was 10 years old back in 1976 when I got bit by the KISS bug, my family over the years has always supported me and have been there with me through concerts, meet and greets, book signings and merchandise purchasing. My family loves KISS just like I do! I was lucky enough to see kiss three times this year before the Covid hit. I took my 81-year-old father with it was his first KISS concert ever. Thank you KISS for all the years of joy you brought us! - Jerry Downing
Posted on 10/10/2020

Me and my dad with Gene and Paul in 2015

This picture was taken at LA KISS Arena Football, in about 2015. I was so stoked to take a picture with these 2 awesome guys. Later that day I got both of their autographs on those 2 photos I am holding. KISS was the very first concert I saw. I was 6 years old. At the time after the concert, I asked my dad if we could go again tomorrow.. he said that's not how it works. Haha. So every year (or every time they come to LA or SD then IM THERE!!! I really hope we can get back to the concert grind soon!! Stay safe and ROCK ON!!! - Mercedes Rose
Posted on 10/10/2020
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