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A KISS obsession!

My autistic (high functioning) 9-year old son has been obsessed with KISS for the past year. He was Demon for Hallowe'en (wearing a special costume that my husband created) and had a KISS birthday party for his 9th birthday (complete with Demon cake and face paint). He even asked me to make him a Demon cross-stitch! Yes, Demon is his favourite. We were able to buy tickets for our family of four (my son, my 5 year old daughter who also loves KISS because her big brother does, my husband, and myself) to attend the KISS concert on January 31st at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. He is seriously the biggest 9-year old fan that there is!  - Oralie Loong

Posted on 01/16/2019

KISS Collection

Dear KISS , First of all biggest fan since I was 7 years old and watched "KISS meets the Phantom of the Park " ! Greatest rock and roll band in the World ! My name is David Broom and I'm a disabled veteran coming to your final tour show in Jacksonville Florida on April 12th . This will be my third state of seeing KISS shows and it would make my life to meet you guys. Right below my children's birth but above my marriage lol . Please remember me if choosing a great fan and veteran for the show . - David E Broom

Posted on 01/14/2019


The Philadelphia Eagles are in New Orleans to play the Saints and KISS is one of the favorites here at the Mardi-Gras Museum. KISS is everywhere! Go Eagles! - Ray Scipione

Posted on 01/13/2019

Londyn ready for Vancouver!

Merry KISSMAS my daughters and my first KISS concert is going to be amazing. Londyn is 6 years old and has been rocking you guys since she was 3. She was super emotional when mom and dad suprised her with tickets to the tour opener in Vancouver BC for xmas. We cant wait. WE WERE MADE FOR LOVING YOU.. - Sean Morse

Posted on 01/12/2019

Variety Show KISS Finale with Pyro

Mr. Simmons, My name is Jeff Feldman and I am an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Greenway High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Home of the Demons! I have been a KISS fan for my entire life, seen many shows and got to meet you back stage when you were here with Def Leopard a few years back as you can see by the pictures in my office! I want to send out a special invitation to you and see if we can get the World?€™s Greatest Demon to come to the Home of the Demons. We would love to have a KISS Day on campus with our Student Body and Staff with you as our Honored Guest to celebrate 45 years of KISS the End of the Road Tour. As you can see I am dressed up on stage spitting Blood and Licking my Axe Guitar for our 2nd Annual Faculty Variety Show where KISS, of course, has been the Finale both years. We are not only dressing up and performing (lip sync), but we have lots of pyro for the show. All Money we raise goes to our Performing Arts Department. KISS plays in Phoenix on February 13th with your next show on February 15th. We would be happy to accommodate any date during that time or any time that you might be available. Our school is only about 15 minutes from the Gila River Arena where you are playing. Of course the other Band Members are always welcome if they would like to come as well. I know how busy you are with your grueling schedule and I am sure you get hundreds of requests to do so much. All of us at Greenway High School, the Home of the Demons and having an amazing Faculty, Staff, NJROTC Military Program and excellent Performing Arts Department would love to invite you to come and be honored on our campus.
Posted on 01/12/2019

We are getting ready

Jeni and I started dating at 17. We were always supposed to share a KISS concert together. After 39 years we will. We are looking forward to our upcoming show.Prepping with shirts hats and lovely nails.Thanks KISS for the connection that brought us together again. See you soon. - Chris A Medek
Posted on 01/12/2019
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