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First of all ?± want to say Hello to all KISS family.We are so lucky because we catch up the KISS generation.On the other hand KISS will start last world tour ?± feel very upset because of situation.I am living on Turkey,Istanbul.I hope KISS will come Turkey. "I was write for lovin' you baby You were made for lovin' me And I can't get enough money for coming abroad baby Can you come for me Istanbul?" - Ekin Göcekli

Posted on 09/23/2018

me with genes makeup on and my friends thunderbird bass <3

Hi! my name is Cece and ive been a HUGE fan of KISS since I was a baby :)  I grew up with them because my dad is a big fan tooKISS' music has gotten me through so much and has inspired ME to play music! Gene Simmons is one of my idols and inspired me to play bass and to be myself and I cant thank him enough for making me feel good about being different! I love KISS so much and always will and they will always be my #1 favorite band <3 - Cece Davis

Posted on 09/22/2018

Love in the skin

I've been a KISS fan since I was 7 years old. Always watching the shows on TV, buying everything I saw. Since childhood having dreamed of seeing them in person. Kiss saved me several times when I thought about quitting my life. 1 month ago I decided to pass this love to my skin and always have them with me. I have not been able to see them yet, but I'm still hopeful. Now that they announced their last tour, my heart collapsed. I look forward to seeing them and giving the first hello and the last goodbye. Brazil loves you and we are waiting for this show! - Amanda Guiraldi

Posted on 09/22/2018

The Next Generation

The next generation of the KISS Army! 8 year old Dallas and 5 year old Emma ready to rock! Dallas is a student of guitar and can already play many classic KISS tunes flawlessly. A future Spaceman! - Lou Russo

Posted on 09/22/2018


Today in KISStory: September 21 2017, KISS ARMY BOLIVIA publishes the number 1 of the "KAB FANZINE" with all the data on the visit of Gene Simmons to Bolivia. - Rommel Valle

Posted on 09/22/2018


I am 24 years old, and I have been a fan of the band since I was 13, I had always dreamed of immortalizing my idols, who from the first moment impressed me with their live performance and their power on stage. After a long time of thinking about what to do, I finally decided to make a tattoo to fulfill my dream. and the result was the cover of the legendary album Rock And Roll Over, I had never been so happy as in that moment in which I saw the final result. now my idols are going to be forever with me and it is something that has no comparison with anything in the world. thank you so much Kiss, thanks for being that band that I decided to follow and immortalize in my skin. a big hug and all my admiration and respect from chihuahua, mexico.-CHRISTIAN REYES ARRIETA

Posted on 09/22/2018
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