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Paul Stanley Starchild makeup

Hello my nam is Ellie and I just turned 14 Paul Stanley is an inspiration to me and I tried my best to recreate his makeup. Its a little patchy and the star is wonky and theres a lot more wrong with it but I truly tried my hardest. I love KISS so much! I hope you see this! - Ellie Danielle Clem
Posted on 01/03/2021

Happy New KSS Year!

Prayer for End of New Coronavirus... I Wanna Rock'n Roll All Nite And Party Every Day. Love &; Peace論 -Hiroshi Nakajima
Posted on 01/03/2021

Welcome baby PJ

My baby, PJ Briggs Dellamanha was born six weeks ago today and already knows it better. - Andy Dellamanha
Posted on 12/25/2020
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