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Here is me as a Love Gun Girl! I've been a huge kiss fan my whole life and their music has helped me through my darkest time. I cant thank them enough for everything and I will forever support and love this band. It would be a dream come true if you guys made me an official LoveGun Girl Cecelia Davis
Posted on 07/30/2020

Rockin with KISS 1976

We 4 have been Rockin with Kiss since 1976. Deb, Rob, Patti, Heidi we traveled from Ashland WI to see Kiss Concert in Duluth Mn. Best Halloween costumes too! Fun memories. Rock on! - Patti Wohlgemuth
Posted on 07/30/2020


Wanted to share my KISS heads that I recently added to my collection. A good friend made these for me. They are one of my favorite items in my collection for sure, one of a kind. I have been a huge KISS fan since 1975 Keep Rocking! John Griffin
Posted on 07/29/2020

Kovid Krazed

Hi KISS! Going pretty stir Krazy here after almost 5 months of no shows with my band Like No One. Our last gig was with Y&T March 10th and like everyone else we've been out of work and pretty down about the state of the industry as a whole. Many thanks to all who support bands and crews (and closed venues) during these horrible times. We will return and be stronger as a result. Helping one another is how we come out on the other side. KISS and MASK UP! - Brian Bateman
Posted on 07/29/2020

My KISS makeup!

Hi, my name is Renata, I'm a Brazilian fan and I made a makeup inspired in the band. My Instagram is @cherry_bomb72 - Renata Barbieri Zimmermann

Posted on 07/29/2020


I was filled with inspiration to make this video, and to draw every trace of a whole story on my face! Without a doubt, these makeups will be the historical legacy of planet Earth, millions of years from now! And everyone will know who KISS was! THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD! LELY QUINN
Posted on 07/29/2020
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