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Happy Birthday Paul Stanley !!

Hi my Angel, Happy birthday my Angel, my love !! I wish you a lot of Health, Happiness !! Since all these years, I do not forget you !! I love you !! - Marie-Rose Desjardins

Posted on 01/21/2019


Amber 4 years old and of course she wanted KISS on the cake! 3th generation of KISS fan! - Caroline Lewin

Posted on 01/21/2019


Hello Guys! i am Wladi Vilas and this is our group on Facebook, we share all KISS things and we love all KISS Family, old stuff and current line up! WE ARE ONE!  - Wladimir Vilas Boas

Posted on 01/21/2019

My KISS Kollection

Dear Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric, Thank you for all the great KISS memories over the years. I've been a fan ever since I was three years old and saw you on What's New Scooby Doo! I'm 17 now and it;s a dream come true that my girlfriend and I are going to see you rock Boston this March! You have all inspired me to be a better musician and I wish you all the best, and seeing as today is January 20th, happy birthday Mr. Paul Stanley! I wish I could fit all my KISS kollectibles in this picture but I have too many! Rock on gentlemen, Steven Wilson

Posted on 01/21/2019

Abby receiving her strip wearing her KISS shirt

My granddaughter Abby who is 9 years old is in love with your band and music. Her love for you started when she saw Scooby-Doo Rock ?€?n Roll KISS. She has watched it at least 50 times over the past 3 years. For Christmas she received tickets to your Final Tour in Kansas City and will be attending with her Mom and Grandpa (since her Dad (Mark) is currently deployed for the 5th time with the U.S. Army. He is currently in Afghanistan.). Abby asked for an electric guitar for Christmas and has started receiving lessons. Her desire to play the guitar came from her love of KISS and your music. She is also learning Karate and has her Yellow belt and has received her 1st strip towards getting her Blue belt. Her favorite Kiss song is Detroit Rock City. - Nancy Cina

Posted on 01/21/2019


Watching OKC vs Philly Saturday and saw this!! KISS is everywhere. Get ready Philadelphia!!! - Jerry West

Posted on 01/21/2019
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