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When I bought my house, the York News Times let me put my Gene mask on. They posted it in the paper. Just another thing I did to rock the town.... Dennis Michalski jr York, ne. " biggestkissfanever" m/

Posted on 10/07/2018

Kali of Syracuse Meets Gene of KISS

I got my first KISS album for Christmas 2017. I really love the Ginger Ale from Money Bag Soda and I like it best when its not refrigerated. Gene Simmons is a really cool Rocker:) - Kalissa Irving
Posted on 10/02/2018


My 50th year old birthday gift!!! Tks to my beloved wife Valeria Turbay!! Love you!! Marcio Camargo / Londrina / Brazil
Posted on 10/02/2018

Christine Sixteen

I'm Christine Sixteen and I wanna say that I love you and will meet you soon  thanks for the great songs and inspiration. - Christine Sixteen

Posted on 09/28/2018


My name is Rudy. I've been a life long fan of KISS. My father use to play in a cover band and KISS songs were always played. As a child I would watch "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" everyday!!! I have a 5 year old daughter now, and she shares the interest. She too watches the movie and is on her way to becoming a life long member of the KISS Army! I've been to multiple shows over the years, and have never seen a band preform as great as a Kiss preformance. I was fortunate enough to take my wife to a show in San Antonio, TX for KISS & Crue! Epic preformance!!!! I promised my Kid I would take her to a show next time KISS is in TX. It's been a lifelong dream to do a meet and greet. You can't go as long as I have and not shake the hands of your idles before they call it quits. I look forward to my family and myself fulfilling this, can't wait for the next show. Rock on!!! - Rudy Vincent Enriquez

Posted on 09/28/2018

Skipping School to meet Gene Simmons ( i mean I was under the weather)

Gene Simmons I was able to meet Gene Simmons in Syracuse New York at an event for Moneybag Soda. It was truly a wonderful experience. Gene Simmons is truly is a people person. He is kind, funny and cool all at the same time. He must have took pictures and signed autographs for 250 people all while being extremely personable and genuine. Thank you very much for a great day Gene! - Sydney Irving

Posted on 09/28/2018
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