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My 4year old nephew is a massive fan of KISS (as well as his uncle)! He loves gene especially! Hoping to take him to a live show soon.... - Grant Jeffery

Posted on 08/11/2018

City council member and KISS in newspaper

Hi KISS Army, [feel free to correct my English :)] Here's a piece about me as City Council member and drummer of a KISS Tribute band. The article translated: 'The double life of councillor Hauser - Kevin Hauser is councillor since the beginning of this year. His summerhit is Rock And Roll All Nite of the American band KISS, originally from the mid '70's,, but for Kevin it belongs to the summer of '97. "I guess I was 8-yo when I found a videotape from my dad with longhaired men on the front, surrounded by scarced clothed girls. Obviously that got my attention," he states. "Curiously I watched the video. I saw men with makeup running over a stage, whilst playing their instruments. Surprised I watched more of the tape and I saw this guy spitting blood. I wanted to try that too! With a bottle of ketchup under the shower I imitated this iconic act of Gene Simmons." But it went further for Kevin, in the mid '90's. "I watched the same tape over and over and got familiar with the songs and became a fan of KISS. In the summer of '97, when I was 10-yo, my dad took me with him to my first KISS-concert. Months before I practiced the songs on my lil' drumkit. What a time that should've been for my neighbours..." The song and the band still are a part of Kevins life. "Now a days I am a drummer in a KISS-tribute band: KISSterious. Councillor at one side, make-up and platform boots on the other; lots of people do not understand the contrast and they often are surprised. In the end, fortunatly, most of them react enthousiastic aswell." - Kevin Hauser

Posted on 08/11/2018

My favourite band

My 7 years old son is a huge fan of Kiss band. He draw this amazing picture of the band. - Krista Kanervo

Posted on 08/10/2018

KISS Lic Plate

KISS has been one of the biggest parts of my life since the day my childhood best friend Raymond came to my house when we were 12 with his copy of Alive 2. That day changed my entire life. I had never heard anything like it and instantly feel in love. Thank you Gene,Paul, Peter, Ace, Tommy, Eric, Eric, Vinnie , Bruce and others! - Jon Zarate

Posted on 08/07/2018
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