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Fran Steuber

I am still stunned by this. Paul, said it perfectly. Numb. That is what I am feeling. My older brother and I have known Fran and we were friends since we were little kids. Fran's mom used to babysit me and other kids before and after school. Fran's mom would put the kids down for a nap time. Fran would take me up to his bedroom knowing that I was a huge KISS fan too and to see it all adorned in KISS. I am so very proud of him. He got to live out a dream that so many people would love to do or be including myself. He was as close as a rockstar as you can get. He was my rockstar. I got to see him at some concerts along with seeing him backstage at a meet and greet. To everyone who knew him, his family, the KISS famiy, loved ones, friends. I know you are all hurting and in pain like my brother and I are. My heartfelt condolences and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Please let Paul, Gene, Eric, and Tommy see this. They can contact me if they would like. He will never be forgotten. RIP Fran! You are now with your parents. We love you brother! - Daniel Carroll
Posted on 10/23/2021

Gene Simmons Halloween Costume

As you can see I'm a huge KISS fan so I had to dress up as Gene Simmons for Halloween!!! The best way to celebrate Halloween early!!! Rock on!!𼤼 - Mally Marie
Posted on 10/23/2021

KISS Pumpkin lights

Hi. My family is a big fan of u guys. So last year we decided to make each of the band members on 1 gallon water jugs and we used orange lights and we cut holes at the bottom and put the lights in at the bottom. Hope u guys enjoy my family's lovely work. Yours truly Lizzie
Posted on 10/23/2021


My 20 year old daughter's entry in pumpkin contest. Her idea. Parenting done right! - Troy Vandiver
Posted on 10/23/2021


Banner from the September 23rd show in Sparks, NV. It took me 7 days and 7 Sharpie markers! - PB Flynn
Posted on 10/18/2021

4 yr olds first concert!!!!

Hi!!!!! My name is Ilona and I am 100% Hungarian! My son, Tibor is 4 years old and we will be attending your concert tomorrow at Tinley Park!!! IT WILL BE HIS FIRST CONCERT EVER!! Ever since he was a baby we have been watching you on TV and he is CRAZY about you guys. This will be an amazing first experience for him and I hope you guys can give him a quick shout out!! We know you probably get these messages by the thousands on a daily basis, but a mama can dream!!! Rock on!!! Can't wait to see you guys -Ilona Pompa
Posted on 10/18/2021

KISS Pumpkins

My wife's take on KISS Pumpkins this year! Hope your Halloween rocks! - Jon Kinderknecht
Posted on 10/18/2021
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