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Dear KISS, I have listened to u guys since I was 5 years old and I am in your army! I love u guys With Love, Julia

Posted on 11/28/2018

Halloween for the Williams family in Cincinnati, OH

Dear Victims, Cat People, Earthlings, and My Dear Lovers, Halloween has always been a big deal for me and my family, but not nearly as big of deal as KISS has been for all my life. Well, this year I combined both. After 2 months of assembling the properly costumes and appropriate accessories, Halloween night was approaching. My wife (Spacewoman) tirelessly applied makeup to the four of us for about three hours. We were the talk of the party we attended. There was a costume contest at midnight. The only thing the could have kept us from winning was if 7 year old, Gene were to fall asleep. Needless to say, he was having way too much fun being Gene for that to happen. We won the $500 first place prize for best costume. We have our tickets to see you in Columbus on March 16th. We are all so excited. This will be my 12th time seeing KISS and my kids' 2nd time. We just might where our Halloween costumes to the show! See you then, Michael Williams and Family

Posted on 11/25/2018

Eight year old wins blue ribbon in Cincinnati Art Show with KISS

KISS, Just want to let you know my 8 year old carries his KISS lunchbox to school everyday, and loves to draw. Well, in Art class he was to draw a scene depicting a group of persons in the style of American Gothic. Who else is he going to choose to draw than KISS? Well, the teachers at school selected this piece to represent the 3rd grade from St. Mary's school in the City-wide annual art show which attracts 200,000+ attendees from all over the Midwest. Needless to say we were very proud of our child's efforts. We attended the show to see the ceremony recognizing Cincinnati's top school-age artists. Low, and behold, our son won the Blue Ribbon for all of 3rd Grade. I am sharing with all of the KISS Army! Best, Michael Williams Cincinnati, OH -Michael Williams

Posted on 11/25/2018

KISS Destroyer Lamp

Just received this and really love it. It is very cool to me. Got it from the Bradford Exchange. They have several cool KISS collectibles. - Michael Davis

Posted on 11/18/2018
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