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My Nephew Aldo getting in the spirit 🤘

I have never met such an enthusiastic and dedicated child, who loves your music and knows most Of the words. 3 generations KISS have touched our hearts and emotions, leaving a mark on humanity, Always delivering RocknRoll - Joshua Adams

Posted on 06/10/2024

Children's Day (Kodomo no hi)

Greetings from Japan. KISS celebrating Children's Day May 5th on their first Japan Tour with background shot I took of Peter Criss' actual gong used on the 77 -78 tours and Alive II! God bless all children and kids at heart in Children's Day May 5. Member of KISS Army since 1977, Edward L Holland

Posted on 06/10/2024

Little KISS Fan

When I was 6 years old my cousin paint my face like Gene Simmons she let me choose between all Kiss member I chose gene becauseI like how he sticks out his tongue when my mom and aunt discover me they blew their minds they loved it anyway. Love you all KISS for ever!!!! - Federico Zertuche 

Posted on 06/10/2024

KISS Broken Vinyl Record Art

I love this band. I wanted to do an art piece to pay tribute to the Creatures of the Night album. It's made entirely of broken vinyl record pieces. Black, blue, purple and clear vinyl were all used in this piece. I really wanted to try and make it appear as if it would glow in the dark. This band means so much to me and doing these art pieces is just my way of saying thank you. Jen Bradley Joyce

Posted on 06/10/2024

KISS’ Needle Felted sculptures

Hi I just wanted to reach out and share an art piece I created of this incredible band!! I recently completed these Needle felted sculptures of the 4 band members. These are hand sculpted using sheep fleece and a single barbed needle. Each member of the band took me 8 hours to complete. Kind regards Tamika Wyatt From Tasmania

Posted on 06/10/2024


HI Kiss my name is Pax and I love your band. my favourite song is rock and roll all nite. I have 5 posters, 1 shirt, and 1 CD. I EVEN MADE YOU OUT OF PLAYMOBIL!!!! Pax Roberts-10 years old

Posted on 06/10/2024

Gene Simmons Stage Played Bloody Axe

I was honored to be able to meet my biggest idol in Nov 2023. This probably was the greatest day of my life. Ive been a KISS fan since I was a young boy with over 40 years of fandom. It was amazing to me how nice Gene was, with no Hollywood or Rockstar attitude. It truely was a magical experince for me and I will never forget it. - Lloyd Varnon

Posted on 06/10/2024

Norah at KISS Baltimore November 29, 2023

Hey kiss, I've been a fan since I was 4 and today I just turned 13. It had always been my dream to see KISS live and my dream came true on November 29 in Baltimore. Paul and Ace were my inspiration to start playing guitar in December. Gene has also made me want to start playing bass maybe at some point. My favorite songs from KISS are Shandi, Modern Day Delilah, and I Stole Your Love. KISS was the most incredible concert I've ever been to. When I was little I always begged my parents to take me to a KISS concert and they always said you guys were too old to tour and then you guys came back for the farewell tour. I admire every member that's ever been in the band and I love you guys so much. - Norah Stewart

Posted on 06/10/2024
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