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KISS Family until MSG 2 Dec. ‘23

Our father shared with us his passion for KISS since we were just kids. His first concert was Milan 1980 and he bring us to countless concerts everywhere in Europe! This year we will be in Lucca, in Oslo and at the MSG both the 1st and the 2nd of December! Today we have celebrate our father's 60 birthday with an amazing party theme! We are so proud to be a KISS FAMILY

Posted on 03/18/2023

Carnaval Buenos Aires 2023

Hi , kiss always in all the moments of my life, here dancing in the Murga '' Los Elegantes de Palermo '' carnival Bs As Argentina. Gabriel Vatrano.
Posted on 02/19/2023

KISS: 50 Years on the Scene

A big article about the most valentine band (Kiss) in weekly paper called "Nedelni Aha! 06/2023" is available in stores around the Czech Republic. - Paul Pile

Posted on 02/15/2023

Malta Carnival is gonna get KISSed!

Malta is preparing for its annual carnival and for the first time ever, this year it?€™s gonna get KISSed! Pictured is TV personality in Malta and mega huge KISS fan Gianni Zammit in front of one of this year?€™s floats, the characters on it that you may recognise! KISS is everywhere! ⻤︬ The 2023 Malta Carnival will begin on Friday 17 February until Tuesday 21 February, 2023.

Posted on 02/15/2023

Eric Carr Asylum Solo

Please make your new "Bootleg" Live release one from the ASYLUM Tour. These are my reasons for requesting that: I can proudly say that I've been a KISS FAN 48 years (and I fully agree with Paul Stanley saying that "Without Peter & Ace we wouldn't be here and with them also we wouldn't be here". Yep I agree & I tip my hat to Tommy & Eric as they're amazing musicians & thanks God "turned up to to the office everyday" to work & carry the torch right to the end. So there's been several (Make-up) releases (Des Moines 1977 is BEAUTIFUL! & the "CREATURES" live set was nice too... I was very pleased that the live set included (finally) a proper recording live of "Keep Me Comin' & Rock & Roll Hell". I had those back from a long time ago but the sound was awful... you know; cassettes era & audience recordings Haha! Yes I am big time into KISS LIVE & OBSCURE Songs that rarely seen the light of day (or night) and when they did they were kept from us. BUT... there's very little talk about the two guys that made their mark in KISS in such unforgettable way through the 80's & part of the 90's. I'm talking about Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick. I'm talking a about real legacy here that seems to be overshadowed by the make-up rather than being celebrated as the actual "Bridge" that linked "Make-Up 1 period" with "Make Up 2 period". I love KISS but IMHO the BRUCE-ERIC period was amazing & should never be forgotten. No; I'm not a "traitor" to the make-up period or the "founders" or whomever finishes the race in the name of KISS; but I can't simply ignore and or forget the thundery sound of Eric's drum since he jumped on board at The New York Palladium (July 24 1980 if memory serves me well) until his last show at The MSG (Nov. 9, 1990) where he gave everything he had & then some. He recorded 9 albums with KISS & he collaborated with KISS right till the end of his life. The little guy with the big heart & the thundery drum sound was an absolute legend that gave his everything till his last breath... BRUCE KULICK played on 5 KISS studio albums & 2 live ones: KISS ALIVE III & KISS UNPLUGGED. The man was, is, and will probably die a legend too. When he had to step out from KISS he never gave up & kept upping videos & guitar techniques all about his time with KISS (and those hard to play songs that never made it live). He's been on several KISS KRUISES playing all those awesome songs from the non make-up period. He also had his side projects as well. He should never be overlooked or forgotten for his contributions since stepping in for Mark St John's darkest hour (I think Brighton Centre, Brighton UK Sept 30 1984 was is 1st show) until the KISS UNPLUGGED show at The Sony Studios NY on Aug 9, 1995). So back on the request and why... There's another fact perhaps one of the most important ones: Paul's voice could shatter glass back on those days & his high vocals were simply ridiculous when it came to singing live. He could replicate vocals from the record when singing live and do his "Aerobics on stage routines" while singing without missing a beat or blinking. Even Gene was on the "Zone" when live. No bias here; I've always been & will die a PAUL STANLEY fan since I heard his voice 1st on the intro of Black Diamond almost 50 years ago; but when credit is due; I give it. The PAUL, GENE, BRUCE & ERIC Line up will always be for me my fave... such a great era and so little available for regular "civilians". I've got my hands on many bootlegs from that era & I always wish that one day KISS will release them in proper quality... This request most specifically would be about a show that I also have but not in good quality (of course... cassettes era-audience recordings). Whas so special about this show? It was the opening night of the Asylum Tour at Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, Arkansas USA Nov 29 1985. And what's so special? Well; they debuted 4 songs from the album; some of those were one off songs: King Of The Mountain Uh All Night Anyway You Slice It Tears Are Falling And the set list was amazing too... but hearing King Of The Mountain or Uh All Night or the 1st take of Tears Are Falling with Paul ripping vocals (and shattering Cristals) live was incredible (even in such crappy quality recording). Even Anyway You Slice It was "WOW...!" Now I imagine that being the opening night of the Tour there's NO WAY that KISS doesn't have a recording of that... So; Lick It Up tour has been bootlegged and there are several Soundboard recordings out there. Animalize too... Brighton UK (Bruces 1st concert has got Get All You Can Take & Burn Bitch Burn for rare SB songs Live). Crazy Nights has got heaps of SB Bootlegs from Tokyo, NY & some other places. Hot In The Shade has got at least two shows that the audio can be ripped (and has been done already) from the 2 Detroit Concerts in which in one of them "Rise To It" was played. Two Pro-shot videos circulated & the early generations were worthy of an Audio Rip. But yeah, Asylum... nope. Only one SB Audio concert worthy but the set list is not like the 1st night and only Uh All Night. No King Of The Mountain or Anyway You Slice It or anything rare. The Asylum opening night is the one. Super rare songs. And KISS playing it for the 1st time makes it even more rare. So if you guys got to the end of this, I'm hoping you could review my request. Is not crazy, is not non sense & definitely is not gonna make you richer; but you will certainly touch the heart of a minority of fans that always wanted this but were never given the chance to speak about it (and bear in mind that some of us were there when you stepped on the stage on the early days & will be there when you step off the stage-so this isn't a request from a fan of that period but from one of many that always been there. Kind regards Claudio Sydney, Australia.

Posted on 02/08/2023

1979 KISS Lakeland Civic Center Arena - June 15

Hello, my name is Michael Gussler and I would like to recommend a KISS Off the Soundboard contender. I chose KISS at Lakeland Civic Center Arena because it includes a song off each KISS 1978 solo album and is the love debut of I Was Made For Loving You. Thanks and have a great day. - Michael Gussler 

Posted on 02/08/2023

End Of The Road concert 2019

I saw the EOTR concert on September 11, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM. This inspired me to create my own miniature KISS concert stage in my living room - Jon

Posted on 02/08/2023
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