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143.000 pearls

This years X-mas present I got from my mother in law was the best ever. She made it out of 143.000 small pearls. She started this spring and the result is amazing. So happy with it. - Peter Verhoef
Posted on 12/25/2020

KISSmas gifts of 2021

every year i get awesome christmas gifts and this year kiss mask,got 4 kiss shirts,guitar picks,kiss calendar of 2021,a mini gene simmons ornament and a mini 2021 kiss calendar ROCK ON - Mike Dineen
Posted on 12/25/2020

Merry KISSmas Everyone!

i did this one in 2018 and i just remade, i would like to share with every maniac KISS Fans! Merry Kissmas everybody! Wladi Vilas from Londrina Rock City south of Brazil
Posted on 12/25/2020

Geared up for KISSMAS

KISS fan Bill France is rocking around the KISSMAS tree with his autographed Gene Simmons Axe bass and his new officially licensed Monster Demon Armor from
Posted on 12/25/2020

Dear Santa, I WANT KISS!!

In 1978, KISS RULED THE WORLD!!! I was 8 years old that KISSMAS. And I wanted everything KISS. Although there other things listed. In any case. Santa got this letter! I wrote it in school that year. I got the Gene Simmons doll. One of the massive KISS wall posters 4ft. X 5ft. It was bigger than me. I also got Love Gun, Double Platinum, Ace, Paul, and Peter's solo albums!! It was the BEST KISSMAS EVER!!! And my Santa was the BEST! MERRY KISSMAS KISS ARMY!!!! -Lloyd Mudie
Posted on 12/24/2020

Bridgewater State College

Me (as Peter) and my buddies (Jeff Desjardin as Gene, Jim Saraglow as Ace and Eric Bumbles as Paul) painted up for Halloween in the dorms in 1991. - Peter Walsh
Posted on 12/24/2020
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