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Creatures of the Night Truck

I felt the need to "Creature-Ize" my truck. Love the reaction from people when the lights are shining on it. Just another reason to let people know its a KISS World, we just live in it. - Kyle Barlow

Posted on 05/06/2018

Starchild's Biggest Fan

My soon to be 4 year old daughter is obsessed with KISS, and Starchild is her favorite! She listens to KISS in the car, watches Scooby Doo and KISS movie every night, watches KISS music videos and carries around her Starchild doll! Her birthday theme this year is KISS and we hope to do the theme/band justice by rockin out! - Heather Mills

Posted on 05/02/2018

Project for School

So my art teacher told me to do something for cinco de mayo and she said to do anything you want and this is what I chose to do. Hope you guys and my teacher likes it!! - Caroline Cassety

Posted on 05/02/2018


Hi there! These are the members of the DUTCH KISS ARMY facebook group. Don't theu look AWESOME? Best regards from the Netherlands! Margriet Buisman

Posted on 04/30/2018

KISS Tribute in Bogota - Colombia

RADAR, KISS tribute band, will have a great concert next April 27 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bogota- Colombia, a must-see show, invites KISS Army Colombia. - Jasson Ortega

Posted on 04/30/2018

The Awesome Demon

Dear Mr. Simmons: You are the strongest man I know. And you are the best singer of all time. I like your tongue trick and I do it all the time. You are the best KISS member. I want to be you when I grow up. I made a picture for you. You are the best. Love, Oliver Dahlgren (6 years old)

Posted on 04/30/2018

KISS Quilt

Good morning, My mother worked 2 years in constructing and completing this KISS Quilt. We just wanted to share it and cover the KISS Army in warmth and rock whenever needed. Parker Family Creedmoor, NC

Posted on 04/30/2018
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