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Still everywhere !!!

Hello Kiss Army. Even if our favorite band will no more play live on stage, the memories will never die ! A tribute to kiss was paid to the hottest band in the world during the Miss France contest on saturday december the 16th 2023. The show was aired live on TV. I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. And I thank all the members of Kiss for 50 years of great moments of rock and roll. I met the group in the meet and greet session in Paris in 2022. Great memories for me and my girlfriend. I lost my wife in 2020, and she was a great fan too. I wish all the best to you all. THANK YOU ! Christophe Dard.

Posted on 12/19/2023


May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.To Paul - Gene - Eric - Tommy and to the KISS ARMY from all over the World . Have a great Christmas time ! Sincerely , Emerson Deuschl

Posted on 12/19/2023

EOTR Display

I just wanted to share my display from the last show. MetroCard was framed and customized, confetti from the show, etc. - Christopher Cruz

Posted on 12/19/2023

KISS nutcrackers

My best friend of 47 years made these for me as a Christmas gift! We went to our first KISS concert together when we were 14, and went to 4 End of the Road shows. KISS has provided us with so many great times and memories! Merry KISSmas!! -Marybeth Noriega
Posted on 12/16/2023

Halloween/Birthday Party Costume

Had to go to this party as something starting with our first letter of our first name so thought why not go as Ace Frehley?? Big shout out to my mum for making this killer outfit :) - Alessia De Paoli

Posted on 11/01/2023

Halloween pumpkin

Well, sense today is Halloween, I decide to paint mine to be Fall (Paul) Stanley, my mother said I'm to obsessed but she's the crazy one trust me. - Gabirella Delaney

Posted on 11/01/2023
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