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In this follow-up to his popular New York Times bestseller Face the Music, the front man and rhythm guitarist of KISS grants fans an all-access backstage pass to his personal life and shows them how to pursue a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of their own, offering hard-won advice from a music legend.

In Backstage Pass, the Starchild takes us behind the scenes, revealing what he’s learned from a lifetime as the driving force of KISS, and how he brings his unique sensibility not only to his music career but to every area of his life—from business to parenting to health and happiness.

This book takes you beyond the makeup as Paul shares fascinating details about his life—his fitness routine, philosophy, business principles, how he maintains his inspiration, passion, and joy after nearly 50 years of mega success including selling out tours, 100 million albums sold and an art career that has amassed over 10 million dollars in sales.


Review: KISS Astonishes In Their Farewell

By Vicky Sullivan / www.sarasotapost.com

KISS played Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa on their first tour of the U.S. in 1974! In 45 years things have changed in the music business, technology, and the concert going experience. KISS has not only survived it all but has continued to break records in spite of losing band members, going through changes in modern day record sales and even taking off their makeup in the 80’s.

All said and done, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer bring one of the most incredible, bombastic rock shows to the masses as they take their final bows in the “End of the Road World Tour”.

The KISS rock and roll circus is an extravaganza of epic proportions! The biggest pyrotechnics, smoke, amazing lights, zip-lines, risers, KISS balloons, confetti, the latest technology in graphics, blood, dragons and more. The KISS Army was out in full force, t-shirts and makeup to honor their rock heroes! There is no mistaking that you are at a KISS show, it is a world of its own. The diehard fans of KISS have stuck through thick and thin and love their band, Demon (Simmons), Starchild (Stanley), Cat (Singer) and Spaceman (Thayer). There were fans all the way to the top of the arena and they said the sound was great! They just wanted to be there for the spectacle of it all!


Review: KISS musters up a lusty, explosive farewell at Tampa's Amalie Arena

Fireworks, blood capsules and power chords: KISS gave Tampa's ageless '70s kids a rock 'n' roll night to remember.

By Jay Cridlin / Tampa Bay Times

Lest there be any doubt that the nation-state ruled by the Kiss Army is a democracy and not a dictatorship -- no matter what the price tag on your tour T-shirt might suggest -- the Starchild is here to ease your mind.

"We got a whole lot to celebrate tonight!” Paul Stanley squealed near the start of Kiss’ farewell tour concert Thursday at Tampa’s Amalie Arena. "Everybody here counts tonight! There are! No! Bad! Seats!"

For the more than 15,000 in attendance, there was never any doubt. This was the end of an era, the end of nearly 50 years of bedroom posters and lunch boxes, Halloween grease paint and Saturday morning cartoons and rock with a capital C. It was Tampa’s last chance to rock and roll all night, and if anyone was going to give it to them hard, fast and with rhinestone-studded flamboyance, it was gonna be the Knights In Satan’s Service.

“How many people have never seen Kiss before?” yelped Stanley, as kids at heart shrieked from floor to ceiling. “That’s cool! And I’ll tell you why! Thursday, April 11, is a night you! Will! Never! Forget! Nobody forgets their first kiss! Nobody!”



On this day in KISSTORY - April 10, 2014 - KISS was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The band was introduced with a rousing speech from Tom Morello.


KISS horrified the elites — which is why Americans loved them

By Marc A. Thiessen / Washington Post

I have a confession to make. I’m a member of the KISS Army.

In 1976, I bought my first Kiss album. I loved the rock band’s makeup and crazy characters, and quickly I was hooked. I had Kiss posters, Kiss action figures, a Kiss lunchbox, and on Halloween I dressed up in a Kiss costume to go trick-or-treating. Two decades later, I took my future wife out on our first date … to a Kiss concert. (She married me anyway). And now, a couple of decades after that, we just took our kids to Philadelphia to see Kiss on their farewell “End of the Road” tour. Some of us (yes, me) even wore Kiss makeup.

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